Breaking The Landlord of Environment Jinx

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - Most people who have read my previous articles will be most surprised about what I set out to do here. “Breaking the landlord of environment” could mean so many things to various peoples. I have so much dwelt on politics, good governance and society in the past so much that it is becoming monotonous. If I veer off to something outside leadership, good governance, politics and society, I would be seen to be “breaking the landlord of environment” jinx. When you are staying in one part of a city or country side, most often you get to a point where you do not think you would survive outside that enclave. You would probably be thinking that people dwelling elsewhere do not have good roads leading to their houses even when the road to your house is the worst. You would also be thinking that if you.......Read More






*Photo Caption - A woman on a laptop.

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