NewsReel 17/10/14 - No Youth, No Nation

[ Masterweb Reports: Chap. Nwonu Cornelius reports ] - Giving the definition from Wikipedia, Youth is the time of life when one is young, but often means the time between childhood and adulthood. Here, I would like to stress on the idea that a particular age period cannot be defined for being youthfulIt is entirely dependent on one’s own idea of whether they  still consider themselves as being a part of youth brigade or not.
Youths are the change agent who uses their voices and actions to create change, like three children in Kolkata, India who took it upon themselves to increase polio vaccination rates and help put their community on the map so that they could have access to clean water.
A change agent is someone like Jackson Merrick, a 5th grader from Virginia who happened to notice a Nothing But Nets sign at a basketball tournament.  He was so inspired, after learning about the organization’s efforts to help end deaths from Malaria in Africa, he decided to raise money by selling African themed bracelets, key-chains and necklaces to purchase 18 insecticide-treated bed nets to protect a classroom of kids and their families.
THE BIG QUESTION IS “CAN THE NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT GIVE HER YOUTHS THIS PRIVILEDGE?” through empowerment programmes. I strongly believed that Nigerian youths are multi-talented. I learnt that our former President General Yakubu Gowon ruled this country at the age of 33. But today, the story is different, youths are denial of their legitimate rights, the Ward Councilor whose tenure is ending 2014 wants to contest for Local Government Chairman in 2015, L.G Chairman for House of Assembly and vis-a-visa. Where is the enabling environment for the youths?. Many talented and envisioned leaders from youths are uncountable in this country and yet no voice to speak to them. Where is the position of the youths as the future leaders?
How Can We Empower Youth?
They are various factors that play a major role in this process of building and structuring the very concept of youth empowerment which are:
Government sector ministries
• The government must develop a national youth policy that integrate with other sectoral policies such as that of education, health, employment, energy, environment, information etc. Wholesome development would be the result and youth can benefit from other sectoral policies as well.
• The establishment of Youth Council bodies must take place and all efforts must be made to strengthen and support the youth councils at national, district and local levels. It must be ensured that there is proper participation and representation of youth council at all levels of governance. The election period is approaching, it is therefore very important to train and re-train our youths through seminars, social media and Newspapers on their positive impact in the national development and not to be used as thugs in the pooling boots. Many of our youths destinies have been marred on the ground unemployment, imagining a graduate engaging himself as a thug in a pooling boot when he has so much to impact to this country? They are to be made known that youths are the vanguard for peace and social stability in this great NATION Nigeria.
• Industrial training institutes must be set up at the national, state and local levels to increase the employ-ability of the youth. There is no other better way of empowering our youths than Skill Acquisition Training. In visited one of the centres of Lagos State Skill Acquisition centres and I was amazed at what the governor and his government has done. I praise the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola (san) for his establishment of Skill Acquisition Centres in all the local government in the state.
My State governor, Chief Martin Elechi has also done well in empowering Ebonyi state youths through mechanized farming and many of the youths are now self employed. I strongly believe that if all other governors can engage in same activities. The issue of youth unemployment will soon be a thing of the past.
I am therefore appealing to all meaningful Nigerians especially the youth ministries, National Orientation Agencies and the NGO to join hand in this clarion call as NO YOUTH, NO NATION.
Chap. Nwonu Cornelius
National President
Ebonyi Eminent Youths Association
*Photo Caption - Map of Nigeria
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