BreakingNews 23/10/14 - Nigerian American Man Taken Into Custody After Jumping White House Fence

[ Masterweb Reports ] - A 23-year-old Nigerian American man, Dominic Adesanya who calls himself 'American Slave', on Wednesday around 7:15 pm jumped the White House fence and made it onto the North Lawn before being subdued. Adesanya, , stood on the North Lawn gesturing and lifting his shirt before being taken down by K-9 units (law enforcement officers partnered with a highly-trained dogs) and subdued by the Secret Service. On the lawn, Adesanya kicked a K-9 dog that ran towards him before being wrestled to the ground by another one and was taken into custody. The intruder was taken to a hospital with injuries for treatment and evaluation, an Obama administration official told reporters.
“Dogs got him”, a U.S. Secret Service spokesman told newsmen after the incident. The White House was put on lockdown for one and half hour but was not evacuated. Adesanya was unarmed during his invasion of White House, two K-9 dogs were taken to a veterinarian for injuries sustained during their encounter with him.
It was not clear whether President Obama and/or his family were in the building during the incident. Adesanya’s father said his son had been arrested at the White House before in a bid to talk to Obama on how people were out to get him. He said the family tried to get him help after the incident.
Adesanya's last post on Instagram on Tuesday showed an I Voted sticker captioned 'Voted for this B #ImpeachObama.' On a LinkedIn page, in place of a job title he described himself as an 'American Slave' and rants about the Rothschild banking family.
The latest incident comes a month after Omar Gonzalez, a 42-year-old Iraq war veteran carrying a pocketknife jumped White House fence and ran across the North Lawn, through an unlocked White House door and into multiple rooms before being arrested. He faces six counts, including two federal charges of assaulting officers. A preliminary evaluation found him "presently not competent" to stand trial.
Gonzalez’s  September 19 breach was part of a string of embarrassments for the Secret Service that led to the resignation of the agency's director, Julia A. Pierson. The incident prompted a review of the security measures at the White House.
*Photo Caption - Dominic Adesanya
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