BreakingNews 7/3/15: Joe Martins bombs Umeh and Obiano, says attack on Obi is attack on Jonathan - Calls on INEC to make provisions for displaced persons to vote

[ Masterweb Reports ] = The Director, Publicity Committee on President Jonathan Campaign Organisation in Anambra State, Chief Joe-Martins Uzodike has decried the recent attacks on the personality of the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi describing it as a veiled attack on President Jonathan.
Uzodike who was the Director of Willie Obiano campaign Organisation and the immediate Special Adviser, Political to the Anambra state governor stated this in Awka yesterday while addressing youths and traders rooting for the re-election of President Jonathan.
The former Commissioner for Information and Culture in Anambra State, who said he was dismissed by Gov. Obiano for supporting Jonathan, regretted the demise of the late Biafran warlord, Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu whom he described as a clearing house that everybody ran to in times of conflict in APGA and declared that APGA died with the death of Ojukwu.
He frowned at the calculated attempt to tarnish Obi’s hard earned image and reputation through the circulation of paid documentary film in some selected media houses and said such action is a further attempt to show that the State government is not supporting Jonathan for reelection.
Uzodike said that Obi can be described as one man that made it possible for the Obiano government to come on board in Anambra and now that he has done his bit and they have chased him out of the party, they should realize that it is bouncing back on them.
Hear him: “This action is an attempt to make sure Jonathan doesn’t win here.  All the time, there have been speculations that the government and APGA doesn’t support Jonathan but this is one clear point where they have manifestly shown that they are not supporting Jonathan because, if Peter Obi is not contesting election and he is the 3rd in command among those working for President Jonathan, and you are trying to bring him down here, what it means is that you are trying to tell the world that people working for Jonathan are not human beings.
“This is a further attempt to show that Anambra people are not supporting Obi. Obi left the party last year, why is it that now that President is gunning for reelection that they have decided to present him in a very bad light?
“The so called documentary against Peter running in different media houses today was produced in Anambra Broadcasting Service Station by a Deputy Director who is well known in the circle though I don’t want to mention his name here.  The documentary was supervised by the National Chairman of a party and endorsed by the government. It is being played three to six times, a day in ABS TV on the instruction of the government. This is simply another way of campaigning against Jonathan because there is no campaign against Peter because Peter is not running for an election. The target cannot be Peter, it is beyond him and that’s why I say that I agree that the state government is not working for Jonathan.
“I call on Anambra State Government to look beyond what they are doing. I accept that the governor might not know what they are doing because he is a political neophyte.  They said I was sacked because I called Governor Obiano   a political neophyte and I stand by my word because a neophyte is a new person. I maintain that Obiano is a neophyte and any attempt by him to assume what he is not is part of the problem. My calling him a neophyte is not meant to degrade him, after all he is my friend, brother and school mate but the truth is that if he assumes what he is not , it  will lead him to problem and that is what is happening now.
“For now, I’m not talking about my relationship with the Anambra State Government, that one is a matter for another time. I will discuss why I left government after the election. In one of the pages of a newspaper, the government writing through a fictitious name referred to me as a mole in Obiano’s government.  That is ridiculous to say the least. That a Director General of a campaign that brought up a government can be called a mole in a government he enthroned. As the DG of the Obiano campaign, I am one man who can stand up and say the history of the government and knows everything about the government, so how can I be a mole. A mole to who?  I’ve said it before that I will not be a party to anything that will destroy this government consciously, because to do that, I will be held liable. As for now, Peter Obi and I are being held liable for whatever Anambra people are experiencing under Obiano. That’s why I will not consciously come out and say anything about the government because if I point one finger against them, four are pointing at me.
“But events will lead to my coming out full blast on this issue because if Peter Obi, a man who made it possible for this government to be, can be attacked and ridiculed, who am I? I will tell the history of the government and the campaign because I have the records and the accounts and I know that no other person put in one kobo in the campaign fund outside Peter Obi. People who collected money went with the money and never accounted to the campaign organization. The register of the money spent on the campaign is kept and they are all money from one source –Mr. Peter Obi.
“I also don’t believe that Omambala people who were given the opportunity to produce the governor are all  bad people but what we are experiencing here is that an external influence that is deadly is hovering around Obiano and if he doesn&rsqu
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