BreakingNews 26/3/15 - Goodluck Jonathan would win the presidency - Gen. Ojukwu

[ Masterweb Reports: Chief Dr. Sylvester Obi Dikas reports ] - As a practioner of Necromancy and Quantum Physics, Gen. Ojukwu predicted that Candidate Goodluck Ebele Jonathan would win the presidency of 2011 and would inevitably win a SECOND TERM as Nigeria’s President.nig_2010-Ojukwu Archives,Enugu In his own words, Gen. Ojukwu advised the Leadership of Igbo and all Igbo “to vote EN MASSE for Jonathan simply because he remains the best hope for the Igbo world, for the Democratic Nigeria and for the International Community”

History remembers Gen. Ojukwu for his guts, temerity and his unparalleled leadership skills and as a brilliant tactician. At 75 (2009) his general health began to fail him. Yet, he remained acerbic, pragmatic, witty and as opinionated as before. But his ability to write, cogitate and praise the Nigeria’s power brokers was seriously reduced. Nonetheless, Ojukwu was able to predict that GEJ is strategically positioned to lead Nigeria in its war on BOKO HARAM. In the interest of simplicity, I would rather paraphrase Ojukwu’s compendious song of praise for Candidate Jonathan.
Gen. Ojukwu based his prediction of Candidate Jonathan as the winner of Nigeria’s Presidency and inevitably as the second-term president is grounded on the following premise:

** The Invincible hands of GOD, Fate and Destiny gave Jonathan to Nigeria for a Reason. It’s perhaps because Candidate Jonathan understands the Mythology of the Igbo Race and the Delta Region in the Political context of Nigeria more than his critics.

** In his capacity as the Vice President,GoodluckEeleJonathan demonstrated political skills,tenacity, strategic vision and tactical nimbleness that made him a presidential timber.

** In his interim position as the V/P he demonstrated that if he were the president, he would not create a Ganster government that is idealogically driven. Rather he would encourage a government that’s focused on the needs,struggles, hopes/aspirations of the ordinary people.needs,struggles,hopes/aspirations of the ordinary people.  

** Even as the VP most Nigerians perceived him as the Messiah-capable of solving the intractable problems of the generation-INSURGENCY around the OIL DELTA REGION of Nigeria.

** According to Gen. Ojukwu, Candidate Jonathan understands that “Nigeria has a bunch of mindless extremists of all stripes-religious-red-eyed zealots and other political mischiefs, the Rain makers of the North-the Purveyors of BOKO HARAM whose goal is to overthrow any Nigerian Federal government, whose leadership is a Southerner. And in its place,they would set up an Islamic style caliphate.” nig_Gen. Ojukwu Archive, Enugu.]

** To borrow from Ojukwu again,”Despite its divisions, and inequalities, Jonathan would meticulously unite Nigeria-defusing potential tensions and practically avoiding a growing crisis that might give rise to another war of Holocaust and Destruction.”

** Gen. Ojukwu truly believes that given the memory of the recent Nigeria Civil War, in which the Igbo nation was almost destroyed and decapitated,it therefore makes strategic sense that only immediate GEJ Administration would guarantee the real “Marshal Plan” of true Reconstruction , Restitution and Reconciliation [the 3RS]for all the Eastern States of Nigeria.

** After his One-Term Presidency, his name ‘President Jonathan’ continues to reverberate in Africa and among International Community. It’s very visible that most world leaders would rather do business with President Jonathan than with his critics or his detractors.

** But why is GEJ so popular among Nigerians and world leaders? It’s simply because he doesn’t posses the DNA of TRIBALISM or CLANNISHNESS. Like the Hon. Professor Wole Soyinka of Africa,under the continued Leadership of Jonathan, Tribalism and the STIGMA of BOKO HARAM will be dead and buried.

** As Gen. Ojukwu observed, “Jonathan popularized himself because he recognized that building Democratic Principles needs time and patience. It takes more than one term, or even more than two terms for political miracles to be achieved in Nigeria”.

**Gen.Ojukwu as a strategic, military tactician remarked that Candidate Jonathan is gifted with the rare ability to strengthen the Democratic Institutions already in place and can invest in people and bolster National and International Security.

** In his second Term, Jonathan will reverse the tide of fiscal/financial profligacy in Nigerian Politics by bringing more women with Management/Business know- how in his administration.

** President Jonathan clearly understands the Cultural/Traditional rhythms of the Disenfranchised Delta Region/the Eastern States of Nigeria more than his curren critics and detractors.

** As a progressive thinker, problem solver and a peace-maker, Jonathan knows how to reconcile Modern Democracy/Islamic Culture with the highest sense of PRAGMATISM more than his critics.

Gen. Ojukwu Advises the Igbo Elite and Ohaneze Ndigbo:

** ” As strategic thinkers,the Igbo Nation should and must vote for Candidate Goodluck Ebele Jonathan if he asks for it because he is our best hope.”

** ” The Igbo world must recognize who their inherent enemies are. Follow the concept of Political Neutrality as demonstrated by my Surrogate-Peter Obi.”

** Don’t forget that I paid my dues-my ultimate prize to save a generation of the Igbo race.There will be no more wars as all wars are zero-sum-game.”

** If the Nemesis of BOKO HARAM continues,our best hope will be SOUTHERN SOLIDARITY-Think about its Philosophical Construct.”

** If the Igbo world is provoked again, there will be another War, but it will be a war with ‘Diplomatic Bullets’ and would be waged by Diplomatic Professionals and the Igbo ntion will be victorious.”

** I leave you with my prediction of the future Political Leadership of Nigeria:
Candidate Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will win the 2011 presidency.The Nigerian Constitution qualifies him to seek SECOND TERM as president. I therefore, humbly ask the Igbo World to vote for Jonathan under the Canopy of Ohaneze Ndigbo simply because he is our best hope for now”. [Gen.Ojukwu,2009 Enugu Archives]

Chief Sylvester Obi Dikas, Ph.D. ( Email: ), Authorized Research Scholar of Gen. Ojukwu As An Institution reports.

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