BreakingNews 6/12/14 - Re: Why Power Should Return To North

[ Masterweb Reports: Chuks Ibegbu reports ] - I read with great concern the write-up entitled above from one Yusuf Jubril in the Vanguard Newspaper of 5th December, 2014.


The writer wrote characteristically like a typical 'Born -to-rule' actor from the North. His effervescent pooh pooh is one of the reasons why this country has remained where it is today. He is one of the zealots that want the status quo to remain in Nigeria just to satiate their insular and domineering tendencies.


Though President Goodluck Jonathan is not necessarily my fan, nor do i cherish the lack of internal democracy in the PDP,  as witnessed in the last congress it held across the country, I am disturbed that the kind of mindset Yusuf displayed is still extant in Nigeria today.


Rather than addressing issues that bother on good governance which every Nigerian desires, this micro chauvinist took all his time to pillory the entire South and reel our tons and tons of what he claimed the North posses  over the South.


He encaged himself in that same faulty analogy and analysis some of his colleagues with the same mindset and mentality in the North have often bandied about -- such controversial issues as the North being more populated than the South, the middle belt christains not relevant in the Northern calculus, and allotment of divine right to leadership to the core North, whatever that means, the North being benevolent enough to have allowed power to go down South in 1999 etc.


He also used perjorative words on Gen Aguiyi Ironsi, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and some past Southern rulers whom he considered incompetent against his saintly past Northern rulers of Nigeria. What a warped reasoning. Is he from the moon if I may ask.  He now exhibited that posturing some of his types and ilks up North  are known for and  which has never helped matters ----' Buhari in concert with Bola Tinubu will win in 2015 so that their God-given right to rule other Nigerians forever will not be disrupted again.


This is the kind of reasoning and posturings that make some of us that have some liking for Buhari's disciplined mien to shudder and rethink. If Buhari by any modicum of chance comes to power in 2015 it appears that the dyed in the wood rabid chauvinist like  Yusuf would dictate and define the trajectory of power and governance then and one can imagine what will happen to those he now disdain. These are the kind of people that will hold Buhari in bondage and see everything only through the prism of the  the core North and not even the entire North.


This is the burden, and a big one that Buhari must unfortunately bear and which will be a serious minus to his Presidential bid despite his taciturn mien.


Even if one does not cherish the present happenings in the country, any discerning mind would see why an unbiased Nigerian(North or South) would rather President Jonathan is re-elected in 2015 than a regime change that would only emphasis and heighten North /South and religous dichotomy.

Part 2 to be continued

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