BreakingNews 22/4/15 - Prof Jega is the Hero of Nigeria's Democratic Transition

[ Masterweb Reports: Obinna Akukwe reports ] - Prof Attahiru Jega, as far as I am concerned, is the hero of Nigeria's democratic transition and the international community seems to share the same views. I wrote a piece published on march 12th, 16 days to the elections titled, “Prof Attahiru Jega: Hero of Nigeria’s Democratic Innovations-Needs Int’l Community and Progressives Support Now where I asked the international community and all true progressives to rally support behind Prof Jega. Another one titled “Antagonists of INEC Card Reader not Working for Jesus Christ” where I said that it is unchristian to fight measures meant to stop electoral fraud. Following the piece, I received quite a number of inquiries from some international organizations and persons who wanted to know why I believe in Jega's neutrality and competence especially based on the backdrop of concerns raised by the ruling party, on the use of the controversial Card Reader.

My answers were that Jega's Card Reader was meant to minimize incidences of electoral malfeasance and that only election riggers are against him, especially those who planned to sit inside select party chieftain's house and write fake results in the manners it has been written since 2003. I also informed the enquirers that the use of card reader, if perfected in subsequent elections, will make it easy to detect electoral fraud and enable me change my governors, senators, council chairmen at will, without worrying about their electoral criminality.  I was relieved when day’s later strong international support came Jega’s way in the person of the United States Vice President, Joe Bidden, who called Jonathan and Buhari on phone and expressed support for the use of the card reader.
According to the statement issued to that effect, “U.S. Vice President Joe Biden spoke yesterday with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari ahead of the Nigerian presidential election, which is scheduled for March 28…
“The Vice President further expressed the United States’ support for the Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission and its work to deliver free, fair, and credible elections, in part through its essential efforts to distribute Permanent Voter Cards and help ensure that electronic voter card readers are in place and fully operational”  
Various insiders informed me of Prof Jega’s ordeal from three weeks before the rescheduled polls to even during the collation of results. This man's life was threatened, his phones tapped, his Resident Electoral Commissioners (REC’S) and key staff were infiltrated, he was blackmailed with treats of  death, exposure of some financial deals concerning INEC contracts, his relations were contacted, his friends induced to persuade him to play ball. The ruling party also tried to induce him with mouth watering offers.  Presidential aides pressurized him, Service Chiefs summoned him improptly, all to break his will. There was attempt to kidnap him days before the elections, and the Collation Centre drama from former cabinet minister Orubebe failed because other accomplices who are meant to disrupt the collation processes, chickened out at the last moment.
A party chieftain told me that it was Governor Fayose of Ekiti State that suggested the idea of kidnapping Jega before the elections. President Jonathan was said to have rejected it on the grounds that the operation may go awry and harm the electoral umpire,  thereby incurring the wrath of the international community. I believe that Jega somehow got the hint that Jonathan rejected the plot to kidnap him before the elections, which is to the credit of the incumbent president.
This academician stood his ground, and laid down his life for this election to take place. Had Jega compromised, collected the billions promised him, resigned under pressure, jettisoned use of card reader or chickened out, probably another civil war would have ensued in Nigeria because the opposition parties were also ready to return fire for fire and bullet for bullets Therefore Jega is my hero of democracy.  President Barrack Obama' understanding the pressures this man passed through, had given him a Certificate of Commendation.
Unlike previous elections, only few states are still contesting results in their localities, and most have congratulated the winners including Lagos, Sokoto and even Kaduna State where Vice President Sambo,s candidate and incumbent Governor Yero lost and conceded defeat to the opposition.
Below are excerpts from the piece on Jega stating why I believe that the INEC chief is my hero of democracy?  Read here;

Prof Attahiru Jega: Hero of Nigerias Democratic Innovation-Needs Intl Community and Progressives Support Now.


Prof Attahiru Jega has proven to be the hero of democratic innovations through the insistence on using card reader as means of authenticating voters in the upcoming 2015 elections, in a nation where satanic madness is raging over the transparent conduct of elections.
1n 1999, Prof Eme Awa was in charge of National Electoral Commission of Nigeria, saddled with conducting a free and fair election after God delivered Nigeria from the grip of the late dictator, General Sanni Abacha. In the 1999 elections, Chief Olu Falae was rigged out by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo through the help of then military dictator Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar, former Military dictator, Gen Ibrahim Babangida and multi millionaire businessmen like Former Governor of Abia State, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu.
In 2003, it was the turn of Edo born Sir Abel Goubadia to conduct election and he superintended a process whereby General Muhammadu Buhari, former military dictator and flag bearer of ANPP was rigged out with the help of Vice President Atiku Abubakar who gave President Obasanjo insight into how modern day vote robbery could be executed.  In that election, Obasanjo who according to security reports came a distant third with Buhari (ANPP) and Odumegwu Ojukwu(APGA) leading, became the winner of the fraudulent election.
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