BreakingNews 28/4/15 - ENDS Extends Vote of Thanks to Masterweb

[ Masteerweb Reports ] - Masterweb yesterday received vote of thanks from Every Nigerian Do Something (ENDS) for her firebrand fearless unbiased nonpartisan news reporting that helped to educate Nigerians, paving way to the emergence of the best candidates in the just concluded elections. Below is ENDS' vote of thanks to Masterweb:

"Dear Publisher; We would like to thank you for being there and publishing our articles from a time when criticizing the outgoing inebriated, clueless, reckless kakistocratic government was not commonplace and all up till we made change happen to Nigeria and gave hope and a chance of safety to future generations.

"Thanks for braving the odds to publish our controversial articles that informed the Nigerian and global mind of the dire situations Nigeria existed under. This change would have been impossible without you. Indeed we are all already benefiting the rewards of your bravery and commitment to exposure of the at last and for once Cabal have straightened their backs.
"We also thank you for publishing articles we sent in defense of the president-elect in a time of much slander and libel and at a time when many could not risk standing for truth and justice and defending him from the Jonathan-Abati billion dollar media campaign of ... 'calumny' as Nigerians love to write. 
"Injustice for one is injustice for all and justice for one is justice for all.
"Finally, we pray you continue to be there for Nigeria and larger social and societal good.
"Peace and love."
Dr Peregrino Brimah on behalf of the entire ENDS team. 
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