Buhari, Are You The One or Should We Wait For Another - Nigerian Legislators Earn Bogus Salary

[ Masterweb Reports ] - About 2500 years ago, the nation of Israel was in a state of dilemma and confusion, as it were dominated by an imperial lord. Under the circumstance the people found themselves they remembered that they were blessed with a land that flowed with milk and honey. But because of their disobedience to Yahweh, evil and corruption pervaded the land, and the Jewish nation lost their position and bearing in God’s purpose for the nation. And they became colonized by the Roman Empire. The people suffered in the midst of plenty as their fate lied in the hands of the imperial lords. Under their predicament, they remembered a promised messiah. A leader who would bail them out, and deliver them from political, social and economic bondage. And It was under that scenario that......... Read More.




*Photo Caption - As seen - Nigerian legislators collect world top 'rat' salary, feed fat while the masses live in abject poverty.

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