BreakingNews 7/4/15 - Millions of Children destroyed by noise Pollution

[ Masterweb Reports: Odimegwu Onwumere reports ] - It is noise pollution everywhere in Nigeria. Some persons think that it is normal to make noise or that they are immune to noise. As a result of this, many people are suffering from hearing problems, especially children.




According to Momoh Suleiman of Daily Trust, rowdy market scenes, the whining clatter of grinding machines, noisy generators with their resultant carbon monoxide emission, second-hand clothes seller screaming his geniuses, the siren of important government functionaries, indiscriminate use of mobile phones and the ubiquitous okada men, all contribute to environmental noise.




A hypothesis by Evelyn, M. Ityavyar, Department of Geography; and Tyav, Terungwa Thomas, Department of Sociology, said: Research has also shown that as the population of a country grows/increases with attendant pressure on the environment especially in the wake of improved technologies, environmental abuse and pollution is nevertheless heightened with corresponding effects on lives of people and other living organisms...




They further highlighted: It has been observed further that man through industrial, agricultural and the ever increasing urbanization process, security and terrorist activities tend to directly and/or indirectly pollute the environment. In Nigeria for instance, environmental issues did not gain official prominence until the 1988 Koko toxic waste dumping saga which also brought to the fore the exigent need to establish the Nigeria Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA), Federal Ministry of Environment and other relevant agencies, ostensibly to tackle environmentally related issues, in the country.






According to the source: These include issues such as environmental pollution, sanitation, depletion of ozone layer, desertification, flooding, erosion, poverty, bush burning, deforestation, soil conservation etc. All these mentioned above are a pointer to the fact that issues of environment and in fact environmental pollution, has taken a centre stage in the nation’s (Nigeria’s) development process.




The stress of that was that sixty per cent of deaf Nigerian children are out of school, said a basis. The World Health Organisation (WHO), had bemoaned that the number of people affected with the hearing impairment has grown from 42 million in 1985 to 360 million in 2011, out of which, children who were said to be suffering from the problem, were given at 32 million children, and they were younger than 15 years old.




Seven million five hundred were said to be under the age of five. Indices have shown that about 14 per cent pupils have some kind of hearing loss. In the views of a pediatrician with an interest in audiology, Prof. Bolajoko Olusanya, has shown that available studies had suggested that up to 2.7 per cent or 162,000 of the six million infants born annually might have hearing impairment.




Of the 120 million babies born yearly in the developing world, it was said that 718,000 are likely to have permanent or sensor neural hearing impairment at an estimated incidence of six per 1,000 live births compared to 2-4 per 1,000 for the developed world.




Against this backdrop, some children in schools, their parents can afford for the hearing aids costs, which was said to cost as much as N600, 000, the electronic aids need accessories, such as batteries and driers, while others cannot afford. Against this scenery, many children are suffering from what experts have described as growing effect of noise, due to poverty.




Most hearing loss at a ripe age was gotten from childhood, said connoisseurs. According to Folashade Adebayo, a Journalist, majority of pupils at the Favour Auditory Oral School, Ejigbo, Lagos, a special school for the deaf and dumb, were not born deaf. It was noted that the Project Director of the school, Mr. Johnson Odigiri, averred that obtainable medical reports had shown that 80 per cent of the pupils were born without hearing mutilation.




So, what was the problem? According to the source, the children attained the ‘soft’ disability, after they rece

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