BreakingNews 14/6/15 - Nigeria National Assembly Inauguration: The Costly Assumption of A Tested Wrestler

[ Masterweb Reports: Joses Seed reports ] - We laughed and laughed and laughed until convulsion set in, as we lacked strength to continue.  Yet, continue we must.  Our eyes welled up with tears as we all rolled on the ground.  Some clasped their heads as though suffering from migraine, some held on to their stomachs as if they had ulcer, others could simply not help as they stretched their full on the ground. 

So was our condition until providence intervened and stopped the fight. 
Disoriented and confused, the vanquished attempted to stand.  His eyes
turned red and his face swollen all over.  His shoulder blades
dislocated and his strides noticeably hindered, causing him to grimace
in pain with every step he attempted.  He would suffer from this injury
the rest of his life.  It was like the beating of his life.  To him, it
was unbelievable that the boney Okpafi could walk over him just like
that.  Meanwhile, his victory over the fearsome mesomorphic bully has
stimulated the scrawny victor, Okpafi, to stand ramrod, waiting for
another round but the fight was over. 

Ademomo, the vanquished had before now been a dangerous champion in the
community.  Besides his athletic built, he was tactful, artful,
dexterous, foxy, and reflexive.  His brawny musculature enhanced his
gaits and pounding studs. These traits and many more combined to make
sturdy Adenomo life threatening to whoever crosses his path.  In fact,
squaring up to this sinewy grappler was hazardous.  Thus, people avoid
him like a leper.

Yet, he would have non of that as he forced people to join him in
combatant taste.  This he did by waylaying innocent and peace loving
members of his community, challenged them to a fight and in the process
beat them up. He had broken some bones and dislocated some.  Not even
the traditional ruler of his community could tame him.  On this fateful
day, Adenomo accosted Okpafi, a retired civil servant, who had returned
home with his family, on his way to the far. 

Okpafi was gentle, full of wisdom, meek, helpful and respectful to
everyone, both old and young.  He had no dull moment as he encouraged
the people to take life as it came.  Certain peculiar characters in
Okpafi were that, he spoke good English Language and despite his skinny
physique, he feared nobody.  He had once reported his observation of
Adenomo's nuisance to the village head and threatened causing an arrest
of Adenomo, should he continue to molest the poor and hapless members of
the community.

So, when Adenomo emerged from his ambush to make trouble with the gentle
grammarian, it was a fearless Okpafi that warned of dangerous
consequences that accomplished such an art.  He tried to fast talk his
assailant from the fight, but the daunting attacker invaded his space
and dashed forward his misdirected clenched fist, which was replied by
Okpafi's that caught his assailant in the jaw, sending Adenomo airborne
with a thud on the grainy desert path.  Wao! There's trouble.  Nothing
would assuage Adenomo until he had taught his target the lesson of his

Furiously, Adenomo pulled his shirt over his shoulders, apparently to
remove it and be free for the fight.  In a flash, Okpafi saw an
opportunity and he grabbed his assailant, rapped him, head and
shoulders, and rendered him totally manacled and blindfolded.  Having
done that effectively, Okpafi pounded Adenomo to stupor.  "Foolish man!"
Okpafi exclaimed, "you will die today!"; "today marks the end of your 
intimidation and harassment of the people of this village!", he

"Ye! My head! Let me remove my shirt!, Adenomo cried, but Okpafi would
have none of his rantings. "If I catch you eh! Ooooooh!  My head!  My
eyes! My nose! E don do o! You wan kill me!  Heeeey! Make una help me
oooo! Okpafi wan kill me ooo! E no let me pull my shirt finish oooo! 
Okpafi I beg youooo!  I no go try you again oooo!... Adenomo yelled
under the suffocating grip of Okpafi who has since put his raining blows
on automation as he pounded away.  Weakened and breathless, hand-locked
Adenomo could only clutch and grab at Okpafi with occasional bursts of
energy but feebly.

On Tuesday, the June 9, 2015, National Assembly was inaugurated with All
Progressive Congress (APC), the ruling and majority party.  This left
the Assembly, particularly at the mercy of the actual minority and
opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).  Had the PDP
wanted to retain the Senate Presidency, it could have been seamlessly
done, but, they decided to go for the Deputy.  What were the APC
thinking of? That the whole world would wait for them? Oh no!

So the oath of office and allegiance was administered on the new Senate
President, Bukola Abubakar Saraki and his Deputy, Ike Ekweremadu. 
However, as a Mark of honour, the Clerk craved the indulgence of the
Senators-elect to invite the immediate past Senate President, David Mark
to be sworn-in by him before departing to the House of Representatives
to conduct similar business there.

72 hours to time, the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed
Forces of the Federal Republic, President Mohammadu Buhari had written
to the Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr. Salisu Maikasua, directing
him to read his "Proclamation for the Holding of the First Session of
the 8th National Assembly" on Tuesday the June 9, 2015, to kick start
the first session of that Assembly. 

The Clerk of the National Assembly in turn, had also informed every
Federal legislator-elect of the President's message, with a Programme of
events attached as follows: Roll Call in accordance with the Return of
Writs received from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)
of Nigeria; Election of the President and Deputy President of Senate
(for the Senate of the Federal Republic); Election of the Speaker and
Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives; and Oaths.

Instead of putting their arts together and proceed to the National
Assembly for the Proclamation and subsequent election of Leaders of both
Houses that make up the National Assembly, they harangued their
legislators-elect to the International Conference Centre (ICC), for a
phony meeting with Mr. President.  The APC had all the time on earth to
have done this much earlier, but they frittered it away.  They  were
quite confident that, as they while away the time, the Sun would stop at
the gate of NASS until they are done.

Sources volunteered that as early as 5am of the Inauguration day, the
Commissioner of Police, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Command, had
been informed of the meeting at the ICC and was directed to barricade
the entrance to the federal legislative house until further notice. 

Thus accredited persons to the event were treated to a shock, when they
were barred from gaining entrance into the NASS by a band of joint
security operatives at the gate. The accredited persons who included
Parliamentary Staff, Chambers Assistants, staff of the
Sergeants-At-Arms, and local and international journalists were told to
"retreat" on the premise that there were certain pending security issues
to be cleared.

Not even the men and officers of the military who had come to give
helping hand to the security personnel were allowed inside the Assembly
complex. At the axis of the Secretary to Federal Government and the
Presidential Villa entrances to the NASS, the situations were not
different as everyone was turned back. 

When a team of the Clerk to the National Assembly, Mr. Salisu Maikasuwa,
his deputies, Messrs. Benedict Efeturi and Adedotun Durojaiye, and the
Sergeant-At-Arms arrived, it took intervention of the FCT Compol to
squeeze them through the barricade in their vehicles.  Later, the Clerk
was allegedly directed unofficially, by very influential politicians, to
suspend the Proclamation until when they were ready for business.  At
the same time, kites were flown in the on-line media that the scheduled
inauguration had been postponed to Wednesday, 10th June, 2015.

In no time, the gathering swelled, especially at the main entrance
facing federal secretariats forming a human vegetation that impeded
vehicular and mortal movement along the Ahmadu Bello Way.  No vehicle,
irrespective of its status, was allowed into the complex.  The human and
vehicular wall formation by the Police personnel at the very Federal
Secretariat lead way to the Assembly gate was tight and solid.  No man
born of woman could break through it.  Then came the expected -
agitations among the crowd, whose impatient grew by the seconds. 

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