BreakingNews 19/6/15 - No To Proposed N9 Billion Wardrobe Allowance To National Assembly Members

[ Press Release For Immediate Release ] - May I use this medium to call on the Federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari to halt the proposed payment of nine billion naira wardrobe allowance to members of the National Assembly.

It is heinous and unpatriotic for this newly inaugurated legislators to start at this early time to rip off Nigerians when their colleagues in the past wrecked the country without passing any single bill to improve the lives of Nigerians. It was this same lame legislators that passed nearly fifty bills in 24 hours.

Many Nigerians have for long been lamenting over the cost of running our wasteful and non productive legislature. Many have called for part-time legislative house to no avail. The only thing these so-called 'Honourables' and 'Distinguished' are known for is constituency allowances, committees to chair and salaries, nothing else.

The Nigerian National Assembly is the most expensive in the world and this has got to stop. At this time when workers are owed and millions of Nigerians unemployed it is the height of treachery and wickedness for our legislators to continue their business-as - usual style of living.

Nigerians and Buhari regime must say no to that. These men and women in the Legislative arm must not continue to rip us  of for doing virtually nothing.  Those who think that the National Assembly is an avenue to milk the people dry must rethink . I personally do not think that the allowance to senators and Rep members should exceed fifty thousand naira per month since the minimum wage is eighteen thousand naira. Those who are not ready to serve the people should quit . In fact the National Assembly should be for people who are already contented and have reached a point where they should even be donating their resources in appreciation of the society that made them what they are. It should not be for desperate, hungry politicians.

I therefore call for immediate suspension of the so-called wardrobe allowance. Labour and civil society organisations must now live up to their responsibilities before this set of Legislators decapitate us as their predecessors.



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