BreakingNews 20/6/15 - Nigerian Fraudster Steals iPhone 6 From American Woman

[ Masterweb Reports ] - On Wednesday, June 17 a Brooklyn-New York woman, Ms. Gloria Evans put up a brand new iPhone 6 for sale for $550.00 on the Internet. The same day, one James Hicks claiming to be in New Hampshire, U.S. offered to buy the phone for $620.00, $70 above the selling price to make provision for the shipping of the phone to his son in Nigeria. He sent a forged Paypal payment email to Ms. Evans, which made her believe the cell phone had been paid for. The email with the subject “James Hicks Has Just Sent You $620 USD Auction Payment Using Paypal.” read: “Dear; This email confirms that you’ve received an instant payment of $620.00 USD. Payment from: Buyer: James Hicks To: Seller: Paypal Email; Receipt ID 3861-9417-7801-9155. Keep your Receipt Number (shown above), you may need it for future reference. Be assured that, once we receive the shipment information/tracking number of the item **Apple iPhone 6**, your account ( will be credited with your $620.00 USD.
The fraudster, James Hicks emailed Ms. Evans to ship the phone to Christopher Hicks/James Hicks, 29 Isuochi St., Enugu, Nigeria. Evans shipped the package to Nigeria the following day (June 18) via United States Postal Service (USPS),  sending the shipment information/tracking number to Paypal only to find out that no payment was made to her with respect to her iPhone. She was dumb founded and in shock. When she recovered from shock, poor Evans yesterday contacted Masterweb for help after USPS told her that her package was already in Lagos, Nigeria awaiting delivery to the eastern city of Enugu.
Masterweb hereby calls on Nigerian police and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to move into action to recover Ms. Evans’ stolen iPhone and arrest the fraudsters, ensuring their prosecution in court. Ms. Gloria Evans can be reached by phone at +1 3479545358 or +1 6316492673 and by email at
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