BreakingNews 23/6/15: An Advice To Baba - Open Letter to Mr. President

 [ Masterweb Reports: Mohammad Nasir Augie writes President Buhari ] - Baba, let me start by congratulating you, or in other words congratulate Nigerians on the victory recorded in the just concluded elections in March this year, and your successful inauguration as the President of our great country Nigeria. This is no doubt an undeletable mark in our political history.


Although you passed through very tough and hard moments, crossed very rough roads and scaled through various obstacles before clinching to this victory, but Baba, the road ahead is tougher, rougher, harder and more dangerous, the task ahead is more demanding than the previous.


Nigerians from all sectors and sections of the country, male and female; young and old; rural and urban settlers; elites and illiterates; all contributed in their own ways to this success, with very high expectations beyond what is practically possible. They are full of hope that in you, they have found the right driver that will take them out of their bondage, to the promise land.


In the light of the above, Baba, what you need most now are good prayers for God’s guidance and protection; and good advises. We prayed so hard and will continue to pray, but what remains now is our kind, candid, and objective advises.


Baba you will agree with me that the 2015 elections are very historic and left behind so many lessons to learn. This election will forever remain unique in the history of Nigeria, and will be remembered for its distinctiveness.


Not only that it is the first time that power shifted from a ruling party to the opposition, but also the first time a sitting president will be defeated and removed from office through the ballot box. Most interesting of it is that, all these happened peacefully as against the predictions and expectations of many, due to the overheating of the polity especially during the campaigns, when disrespectful, hateful and divisive statements where emphasized as against the pressing issues bedeviling the nation.


It is a triumphant show of democracy, the way masses defy all odds of harsh weather, financial and physical intimidations and harassment; and logistic challenges. They also sacrificed their time, energy and wealth, because of their resolve to confront dishonesty, mismanagement, corruption and bad leadership, many Nigerians remained resolute in this cause despite being threatened, insulted and bullied.


Baba, the promises made by your party to rescue Nigerians from their long period of suffering from corruption, insecurity, unemployment, economic hardship and dilapidated basic infrastructure, elevated their hopes and expectations, and am very sure you are aware of this. This confidence reposed in you by the majority of Nigerians need to be justified.


The former President and indeed INEC need to be recommended for the sacrifice, humility, and commitment shown for the continued peaceful existence of this nation.


Jonathan's singular act of conceding defeat has shamed the religious bigots, proponents of violence and ethnic/sectional chauvinists, who always depend on cruelty as a means of holding unto power or being relevant in the society. It stopped the 'sit tight syndrome' associated with most African leaders, from having its way into Nigerian politics.


Even though many see the case of the former president as that of a man who lost all hope, and was left with no other option than to accept defeat, by considering the fact that, the world super powers have made it clear, that the sole responsibility of whatever happened, during or after the elections will be on the head of whoever contributed to it. Likewise the threat from the ICC and the intervention of some elder-statesmen.


Notwithstanding, he must be commended for his statesmanship in allowing the democratic process to progress unfettered in the first place, and his humility in accepting the defeat even when his associates were ready to defy all the international threats and throw the country into chaos, so long as the power will remain with them.


INEC and its Chairman will also be recommended for their innovations and improved logistics during the elections, so also the maturity of INEC chairman for remaining resolute despite the threats and intimidations from some quarters.


Social media political advocates also played a vital role in bringing this desired change, many people stood up in the cause of this struggle.


Baba you must not forget that the masses who defy all the odds and made these immeasurable sacrifices to bring about this change are your employers, and you are here to serve them and not the elder statesmen, high profile politicians, traditional rulers or religious leaders. Success of your administration would therefore be determined by the level of welfare, development and prosperity of the masses. Therefore, be very sensitive and responsive to their cries and agitations.



This administration must draw its membership from all sectors and sections of the country, so as to form an all inclusive government. That will give a sense of belonging to all Nigerians, irrespective of their gender, ethnic, religious, political or social affiliations.



Baba you need to always scout and seek for those men and women who are known to put national interest above their selfish interest, from among them select credible and experienced Nigerians to form a cabinet that can assist you in delivering your promises and having a successful administration.


There are many of such Nigerians that can be mobilized to assists in the reforms and overhaul of the system, to put Nigeria back on the track of good governance, progress, developm

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