MasterwebReports 4/8/15 - Buhari Said "A State Of Emergency Is Anti-North," NOT "A War Against Boko Haram is Anti-North"

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. Peregrino Brimah reports ] - My viral article about a month ago had promised a reward of N1,000,000 for any Nigerian who could prove the allegation by Jonathan's camp that President Muhammadu Buhari said, "A war against Boko Haram is a war against the North."


Since then no one has been able to find he made such a statement, everyone who has responded quoted the same ThisDay libelous publication and others in Vanguard and other papers that mischievously or erroneously twisted his statements to Liberty radio in their caption but failed to show such statement in the text of the falsely and slanderously headlined articles.


With your permission, we have concluded the exercise. It is evident that what President Muhammadu Buhari said to Liberty radio that got contorted was, "A declaration of a State of Emergency would be anti-North [development]." Referring to all the economic and social consequences of such harsh measure rather than equipping the army and working with our neighbors to properly and exigently contain the threat as is being done now without State of Emergency declaration.


It is recollected that at the end of 2014 when President Jonathan begged for a renewal of the State of Emergency, Nigerians unanimously rejected it this time and the Senate rejected extending it having realized it was not offered by Jonathan and his military Chiefs in good faith. The rejection, annoying Jonathan and his army chiefs who were apparently utilizing that premise to exploit billions of dollars budgeted for the “unfunded army [Badeh, July 2015]” and suffocate, isolate and confine the north farming belt into a Boko Haram trap and death pool.


Side Note: ENDS had pushed for the first, 2013 State of Emergency in opposition to Buhari at the time who apparently read Jonathan and his Service Chiefs better.


Buhari is not perfect, but he is damn good!


Dr. Peregrino Brimah ( Email: ) reports.


*Photo Caption - President Muhammadu Buhari   

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