MasterwebNews 4/9/15 - The Nigerian pen Robbers and the Existence of Boko Haram

[ Masterweb Reports: Benjamin Okike reports ] - The captain of the ‘boat’called Nigeria is determined to restore the country’s dignity by the manner in which Nigerian ‘pen’ robbers are taking off from Nigeria to other parts of the world where they may be welcomed. The recent being the man caught in Niger Republic with over a billion naira cash ineuros trying to escape from Buhari’s axe falling on his head. There is no doubt that such a person must be a ‘pen’ robber. For the avoidance of doubt, ‘pen’ robbers are those who deploys ‘pen’ in stealing. These categories of robbers do easily add zeros (0s) in front of a given amount of money to change the amount especially while dealing with government. For instance, assuming that the Ministry of Aviation wants to purchase 2 BMW bullet-proof cars at twenty million naira (NGN 20,000,000) each. Just adding a single zero (0) in front of the said amount would change the cost of each bullet-proof BMW car to two hundred million naira (NGN200,000,000). This single transaction would have earned the ‘pen’ robbers three hundred and sixty million naira ( NGN360,000,000) extra. If there are 6 ‘pen’ robbers involved in the deal, then each of them would go home with sixty million naira (NGN60,000,000). It is good to note that because of check and balance often put in place within a system, these types of robbers work in group just the same way that armed robbers do in gangs.


At the surface, ‘pen’ robbers appear to be less dangerous than the armed robbers. But in the real sense, they are more dangerous than the armed robbers. The emergence of the sect, Boko Haram in Nigeria is as a result of the effect of ‘pen’ robbers. These people have decided to corner the collective wealth of Nigeria to themselves. Boko Haram came into existence in the country as a result of Nigeria being a failed nation state. Recently, President Mohammadu Buhari said that Nigeria should not have any business transaction with poverty. However, Nigeria a country flowing with honey and milk is often times rated among the poor countries of the world.


Most of the Boko Haram recruits are those who have lost hope in this country. Some of those who carry out suicide bombing attacks believe that there is no need to live till the next day because as the day passes by, the level of corruption increases due to the effect of ‘pen’ robbers thereby rendering them more hopeless. Now consider citizens of Nigeria who have died since the year, 2009 when Boko Haram unveiled themselves to Nigeria and Nigerians. According to media report, over sixteen thousand (16,000) Nigerians have died for the past six (6) years because of the activities of Boko Haram, which is caused by Nigeria ‘pen’ robbers. This is no official record on the number of Nigerians killed by armed robbers. However, I believe that the sixteen thousand (16,000) figure out numbers all Nigerians killed by armed robbers since 1914 when Nigeria came into being.


Sometimes last week, I wrote an article captioned “An Open Letter to Mr President Mohammadu Buhari” where I expressed my displeasure over the president’s appointment where no single person from the South East Geo-political zone is found worthy of being appointed. Today, I am commending his courage for going after Nigerian ‘pen’ robbers and hope that no amount of fight-back should discourage him. These ‘pen’ robbers are found everywhere in Nigeria including the nation’s National Assembly. Also, I would suggest that the president deploys wisdom to tackle the crisis in the National Assembly because that is a diversionary strategy to ensure that the crisis takes the centre stage in his administration while ‘pen’ robbers are at work in their various offices.


Now that the president is working hard towards restoring Nigeria to her past glory those media experts covering the activities of Boko Haram should change their strategy by organizing seminars/workshop for these same people in Sambisa Forest and environs since they have chosen Boko Haram activities as their area of interest in the media. In the course of any of the series of seminars/workshops to be organized by these media experts, Boko Haram sect members should be made to know that their hopelessness is gradually giving way and soon the nation that once ignored them would engage them meaningfully. By so doing, many of them would become converts and their activities would be a thing of the past soon in Nigeria.


Benjamin Okike ( Emai: ), Department of Computer Science, University of Abuja, Nigeria reports.


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