MasterwebNews 6/9/15 - Address By Director of Radio Biafra At World Igbo Congress 2015 Convention

[ Masterweb Reports: Address by Radio Biafra Director & IPOB Leader at WIC 2015 Convention ] - With great humility and submission to the will of the Most High Chukwu Okike Abhiama puru ime ihe nile, I stand before you today here in Los Angeles California, in the presence of the children of light, the custodians of our traditions in faraway lands, the bringers of hope and savior of the Black race the World Igbo Congress. I acknowledge the presence of each and every one of you,
especially the members of the high table, distinguished ladies and gentlemen here
gathered and those listening around the world. I say “ndewo nu umu Chineke” to
all of you.

It is my guess that the question on the lips of every delegate here today is perhaps
‘what is Nnamdi Kanu doing here at the congress of all Igbos worldwide talking
about the global effort to restore Biafra’?. My answer as always is a very simple
one, ‘izu ka nma na nne ji’. There will be no Biafra without the support of World
Igbo Congress in particular and the Igbos in the USA in general.

Every right-thinking human being knows that the slogan “One Nigeria” is a ruse.
Nigeria was not a united country and will NEVER be a united country even in
the foreseeable future. To refresh our memories, Nigeria is a country made up of
three distinct nations with mutually exclusive and diametrically opposed and
irreconcilable value systems. Among these nations, BIAFRA is the only one with
a distinct and internationally accepted Republican value system predicated upon
the twin philosophy of (1) “Egbe bere ugo bere” the principle of natural justice,
fairness, equity and equality before the spiritual and temporal laws and (2)
“Eziokwu bu ndu” which is the weaving of the irreducibility of truth into the day
to day discourse of life, in essence a life of nobility predicated on honesty.

Futhermore and ingrained in the DNA of every Biafran, is the axiomatic
expression that “Chi bu Eze” or God is King. Regrettably, the British colonial
masters forcefully merged BIAFRA with the other two nations of AREWA and
ODUDUWA to form what is known today as Nigeria. Implicit in our value
system and its incompatibility with those from other merged nations lies the need
for the immediate extrication and restoration of the nation of Biafra from the
country called Nigeria to represent as it was ordained a pinnacle of hope for the
black race the world over. That Nigeria is perpetually in the doldrums politically,
economically, and socially is of no surprise to any discerning mind and keen
followers of the miserable history of Nigeria. After all, is it not why today we
found ourselves in far flung lands like the USA and many more countries around
the world? The frustrating part of this history is the fact that Biafrans have been
at the receiving end of the sorry state of affairs in Nigeria even though they
possess the manpower and resources to sustain themselves and flourish as an
independent nation.

Biafrans are known for their industrious and enterprising lifestyle propelled by
sheer hard work and the “can do” spirit. Biafrans don’t run away from history,
rather they make history. Biafrans are adventurous and are not afraid to venture
into the unknown. But the same cannot be said of other merged nations in the
country called Nigeria. Biafrans have been held down and their development
arrested by virtue of merging them with other nations to form Nigeria.


One of the questions going through the minds of many could be; but who are
actually the Biafrans or put in another way; what is the footprint of Biafraland?
Biafraland consists of the states in the present South East and South-South with
the exception of Edo state but including Igbanke in Edo state. Biafraland also
include Igala in Kogi state and Idoma land in Benue state. In all these areas we
have the traditional four-market days and their women tie two-piece wrappers
and have names and words that are interchangeable irrespective of the state.
For over 100 years Biafrans have endured the unholy marriage called
amalgamation and creation of Nigeria by the British colonial masters. Biafrans at
home and in the diaspora can no longer endure the subjugation of Biafra under
Nigeria. As in most revolutions and emancipation struggles, patriotic citizens in
diaspora are always in the lead for collective objective of achieving nationhood.


A very good example is the case of the State of Israel in which the Jews in
America funded and supported the independence of the nation of Israel. We share
a common ancestry with our Jewish brothers and should follow similar strategy
in achieving the nation of Biafra. In this regard, WIC is expected to play a critical
role in the quest for the restoration of the nation of BIAFRA.


As some of you may have known, there is an ongoing effort to galvanize
Biafrans globally to work together to achieve the collective objective of
restoration of the nation of Biafra. This effort is spearheaded by the Indigenous
People of Biafra (IPOB) with Radio Biafra London (RBL) as the media arm. The
operational headquarters of IPOB is in Vitoria-Spain, outside of Nigeria for
obvious reasons. IPOB is registered and recognized by various countries all over
the world. Coincidentally, the USA headquarters of IPOB is here in Los
Angeles—California. But what has IPOB/RBL achieved, you may ask?
Through the works of IPOB/RBL within the past three years, we have achieved
the following:

- Radio Biafra is today the only African institution in the history of the world
to be ranked No.1 in an independent survey against other (media)
organizations from around the world. That Radio Biafra is today more
popular than BBC Radio is clear testimony to what we can accomplish as a
race when we put our minds to it.

- Designation of Boko Haram as F.T.O. (Foreign Terrorist Organization) by
the Department of States of the USA. We have the proof to make this

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