What Does Cloud Computing Portend For Developing Nations - Part 1

 [ Masterweb Reports ] - I said in one of my articles recently that I will try to veer off from commentaries and opinions on good governance and leadership issues for now. I just want to, as I said in that article, break away from the jinx of landlord of an environment. The link to that article is “BREAKING THE LANDLORD OF ENVIRONMENT JINX”. I had done so much commentary on socio-political matters and good governance that it is looking or becoming monotonous and it was getting to a point where I was being locked up in the “Landlord of Environment” jinx. People who have read my articles would immediately conjecture the direction I would be heading to the moment they see an article credited to me. It is a small community, I agree, but they have been consistent judging from the.......Read More






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