BreakingNews 20/7/15 - Secret Police Operations In Nigeria

[ Masterweb Reports: Intersociety reports ] - (Public Safety, Onitsha Nigeria, 19th July 2015)-Following the official statement issued last night (Saturday, 18th July 2015) by the Service Management of the Department of  State Security Services (SSS) as it concerns its unpopular invasion of the residences of the immediate past National Security Adviser (NSA), Retired Col Mohammed Sambo Dasuki, the leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety) has carefully studied the statement and observed that the country’s Rule of Law and by extension; its democratic pluralistic composition  are at crossroads; save the coercive instruments of the State are forced popularly to revert to their original democratic roles. We also thank the Service Management of the DSS for exercising its corporate rights to freedom of expression and fair hearing as guaranteed by Sections 39 and 36 of the 1999 Constitution.
For the records, the Service Management of the Nigeria’s Secret Police called “DSS”/”SSS” had on Thursday, 16th and Friday,  17th July 2015 carried invasion operations on the residences of the trio of Retired Col Sambo Dasuki (immediate past NSA), Retired Col Bello Fadile and Mr. Gordon Obua (immediate past Chief Security Officer-CSO to former President Goodluck Jonathan). Most of the operations were carried out at the hours of the blue law (late evening and unofficial hours). For instance, Retired Col Dasuki’s residences’ invasion took place around 6:40pm.
While the invasions of the duo of Col Sambo Dasuki and Gordon Obua (serving senior police officer)’s residences were carried out on Thursday, 16th July 2015; that of Col Bello Fadile took place on Friday, 17th July 2015. Of the three popular citizens targeted, Mr. Gordon Obua is still held in the dudgeon of the Secret Police in Abuja. Retired Col Mohammed Sambo Dasuki served as the National Security Adviser under former President Goodluck Jonathan and briefly served under Buhari’s Presidency before he was removed alongside Service Chiefs on Monday, 13th July 2015. His three residences were invaded barely 72 hours after he was relieved of his NSA post.
According to the statement of the SSS under reference, the Service acted based on “credible intelligence linking the immediate past NSA, Mohammed Sambo DASUKI (Col Rtd) with alleged plans to committee treasonable felony against Nigerian State”. The SSS further revealed that it recovered during the invasions of his residences as follows: seven (7) high caliber rifles, (high assault weapons), several magazines and military related gears,  twelve (12) new vehicles, out of which five (5) were bullet proofs. According to the Service, these vehicles which are all exotic vehicles were retrieved from SAMBO’s residence having failed to produce evidence of ownership. For instance, what could he be doing with five (5) bullet proof cars as a retired NSA?
The Service further said in its official statement: “the search operations was planned to be simultaneously conducted, but DASUKI, refused the operatives entry into his main residence located at No. 13 John Khadya Street, Asokoro, despite being presented with a genuine and duly signed search warrant. Consequently, what was to last not more than two (2) hours, lasted more than ten (10) hours, up till the early hours of 17th July, 2015?
Indeed if not for the sense of maturity and professionalism of the officers and men assigned this task and the very good understanding and timely intervention of the new Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Y. BURATAI (Maj Gen), there would have been a clash between the Army operatives guarding the house and Service operatives, as SAMBO directed the soldiers on duty not to allow any movement into his house, despite the subsisting court order”. Below is the link to the SSS official statement ( Further links below are the media reports of the invasions of the residences of the duo of Col Bello Fadile and Gordon Obua (,
According to media reports, a number of vehicles and computer sets belonging to the duo of Sambo Dasuki and Bello Fadile were confiscated by the invading Secret Police. Also, while the Service has alleged the offense of treasonable felony (military coup or insurrection) against Col Sambo Dasuki, it has failed till date to disclose criminal reasons or offenses against the duo of Retired Col Bello Fadile and Mr. Gordon Obua. Holding Mr. Gordon Obua without public disclosure of criminal offense(s) he is alleged to have committed as well as detaining him for five days without trial is tantamount to “jungle justice or trial by ordeal”. Cumulatively speaking, this is a fundamental breach of the 1999 Constitution.
Others Constitutional & Statutory Blunders Trailing The Invasions:
The hanging around the neck of Col Sambo Dasuki an offense of treasonable felony is totally militarist and dictatorial in color and outlook. It confirms our fears that Nigeria has returned to Presidential Dictatorship, where “treason”, “treasonable felony”, and ”sedition”  are commonly and recklessly used to root out and mow down political opponents and independent voices. It is also akin to reckless use of “armed robbery” and “kidnapping” by the Nigeria Police Force to inflict painful torture and summary death on Nigerian citizens, hiding under “Police Order 237”.
As for vehicles recovered from Col Dasuki’s residences including five bullet proofs, our question to the SSS is: has all official (returnable) properties in his possession been returned considering the fact that he was summarily removed as NSA barely 72 hours before the invasion of his residences? As for “seven high caliber rifles” said to have been recovered; our questions are: what about the soldiers guarding his said residence? Are they guarding with batons? Can’t guns be validly found in his house owing to circumstantial factors including his immediate past post as NSA? What is the standard practice in Nigeria with respect to NSA job? Can’t guns be found in the residence of a Commissioner of Police, not to talk of an immediate past NSA, who is yet to complete official property handover having been removed less than 72 hours? Is there any provision in the law that permit an individual of Col Sambo Dasuki caliber to possess “prohibited firearms” provided he has a presidential license or approval? Is it only “treasonable felony” that can be slammed on any individual found possessing “high caliber guns”? What about the offenses of “unlawful possession of firearms” (prohibited or personal firearm) or gun-running (trading in firearms)?
For the records, the Offense of Treasonable Felony is defined by Section 41 of the Criminal Code as follows:
1.       Any person who forms an intention to effect any of the following  purposes that is to say:
A.      To remove during his term of office otherwise than by constitutional means the President as Head of State of the Federation and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces thereof or
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