MasterwebNews 5/10/15 - National Assembly Crisis, An Acid Test for President Mohammadu Buhari?

[ Masterweb Reports: Yerima Musa reports ] - It is regrettable that those who were elected by Nigerians to represent Nigerians have become Nigerians greatest problem. These people can go to any length to resist change that Nigerians are agitating for. These people call themselves honourable members, but their attitudes suggest that they are dishonourable members. If someone like Saraki is an honourable man, he does not need the support of his co-robbers in the National Assembly to remain in the office, but rather, he would have resigned honourably.


His co-robbers in the National Assembly are not supporting him to remain in the office because they love him, but rather because they all know that after Saraki’s case, each one of them would face the same charge that Saraki is currently facing. There is no doubt that they are all birds of the same feather.


Most of these people were one-time governor of their respective state and have committed worst crimes than Saraki. Nigerian Senators are people who have successfully completed their School of Robbery established by the People Democratic Party (PDP) for a period of sixteen years in various disciplines and certificates have been awarded to them. Some of them made First Class honours in that school.


It is painful that I am from a state where a PDP graduate but now in APC from the said school earned a First Class. This same man who wanted to destabilize this country by the introduction of Sharia if not that the then president, MAOO (Mathew Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo) deployed his military intelligence to calm the situation down. MAOO said then that Sharia would die a natural death and in no distant time from that time, Sharia was actually taken to the Muslim Burying Ground in Abuja and laid to rest.


Governor Nasir El-Rufai knows how to describe Nigerian Senators. According to him, these are fools. In addition to the description of Nigerian Senators by El-Rufai, I Yerima Musa would like to describe them as self-centred, greedy and jobless armed robbers.


The call by Late Professor Dora Akunyili of blessed memory that Nigerians should shine their eyes is more relevant today than when the call was made. Nigerians should learn a lesson from the Burkinabes who said NO to coup d’etat and stood by that. Let Nigerians say NO to corruption and YES to change.


The armed robbers in the National Assembly are trying to use their call for support to Saraki as a way of discouraging the mantra change that Nigerians voted for on March 28, 2015. This seems to be an acid test for President Mohammadu Buhari led government. If the president decide to employ the principle of ‘if you cannot beat them, join them’ then Nigeria would soon be worst than Sodom and Gomorra. However, even if President Buhari decides to join them, President Buhari is just one out of over one-hundred and fifty Million Nigerians, Nigerian masses can still say NO.



Yerima Musa ( Email ) reports from Zamfara State, Nigeria.


*Photo Caption - Nigeria National Assembly Complex

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