BreakingNews 2/10/15 - Rejoinder: A Trade of Shame - Our Embassies, Dash Collectors; Spanish Citizen Blackmailing Nigeria

 [ Masterweb Reports: Uchendu Precious Onuoha, Masterweb Special Correspondent reports ] - According to the law of nations; each nation is a mistress of her own actions, when they do not affect the perfect right of others. Therefore, it is quite wrong for a Spanish citizen or a Spanish of Nigerian extract, for any reason to blackmail or insult the Nigerian Embassy, and the Nigerian government through misleading, provocative, and ridiculous publications aimed at inciting Nigerians to chaos, stirring up ethnic strife, tarnishing the image of Nigeria, and bringing the good works of the Nigerian Ambassador to disrepute. And above all, putting Spain on a diplomatic collision course with Nigeria.


The recent publication in- The Sun newspaper literary review August 4, 2015 titled, “A Trade of Shame-Our Embassies, Dash Collectors” by a Spanish lady, Helen Mukoro shows how some Nigerian journalists fall short of verifying facts before putting pen to paper. Also how unpatriotic they could be to join hands with foreigners to smear the image of Nigeria their own country. It does not lay solely on the armed forces to defend Nigeria from internal and external incursions, aggressions to the territorial integrity of Nigeria. But to every patriotic Nigerian, we have a duty to defend our country from the bite of external tsetse flies and anopheles mosquitoes.


If any man should be proud or boast of his nationality, I should boast more. I am a Nigerian. A journalist, a watchdog, called, anointed and ordained under the order of Melchizedek to keep watch over my people, and in my watch I cannot remain passive when a citizen of another country insults and blackmail the image of Nigeria for any reason, just because her selfish and fraudulent decoys were not granted by the most transformed and best Nigerian mission in the world today.


The publication, “A Trade Of Shame -Our Embassies, Dash Collectors,” should rather be the reverse, Shame To a Spanish Confucionist –Fraudster, Whose Hopes Were Dashed. Helen Mukoro the author, by implication of her actions is rather a shame, disgrace and a disappointment to Spain. And to some disgruntled non well -meaning Nigerians who are in the background fanning up her embers as a champion of their cause. In as much as one does not condone crime and corruption, it is not peculiar to Nigeria but a societal problem which Spain also is enmeshed. I live in Spain, together with other well-meaning Nigerians here long ago to tell the history of the Nigerian embassy. And not Helen, who willingly threw away Nigerian nationality. Her action, publishing against the Nigerian embassy Spain is against the Spanish FAG law which prohibits their citizens to write articles against their government in the social media and other mediums. What she could not do in Spain she feels that Nigeria is a dumping ground for anyone to vomit what she likes, and go free.


To avoid believing falsehoods, deceptions and falling prey to Helen’s fraudulent schemes, it’s important Nigerians in Spain and beyond know the truth about her. And for those who may be deceived to think that she is acting for the interest of Nigerians, in Spain, no its far from the truth, it’s not for her love for Nigeria at all, because if you love Nigeria, you will not renounce it for another country, but because her selfish demands and intent to defraud the Nigerian embassy in Spain could not be granted she resorted to a war of vendetta against the embassy.


Owing to her outrage through the social media on May 3, 2015 insulting and blackmailing the governments of Nigeria, investigations were made to know who she is and the reason behind her actions. From information gathered, Helen Mukoro willingly renounced her Nigerian nationality for Spain. Before now, she has thrived in using her familiarity with Nigeria and the Nigerian embassy in Spain to organize dubious award seminars and shady foreign investment deals that ended up exploiting and defrauding her victims, including top media practitioners, highly placed individuals, and wives of some top Nigerian legislators. She has had a field’s day in her nefarious activities in the past before the coming of the recently recalled ambassador who changed the scenario and said No, it can’t continue like that.


From a reliable source, this is the declaration Helen made on renunciation of her Nigerian nationality.




Helen Mukoro Idisi, a native of Nigeria who became a naturalized Spanish citizen

in September 16, 2013 (dual citizenship in Spain is not allowed by law to

Nigerian nationals. I renounced my Nigerian Citizenship at the Spanish Civil

Registry in Denia, Alicante, December 16, 2013). ..

I have since surrendered my Nigerian passport and notified the Nigerian

Embassy in person … that I have renounced my Nigerian

citizenship… Just in case you did not keep records of my passport, attached copy

I have lived continuously in Spain since October 1992. This letter sent to your

is to notify again the Nigerian Embassy by

letter of today, June 19, 2015, that I have renounced my Nigerian citizenship and

ask you destroy copy of my Nigerian passport …

On March 11, 2014, I was issued a Spanish passport by the Spanish government.

The passport … is valid to March 11, 2024. I have no intent to

reacquire a Nigerian passport.


I intend to reside permanently in Spain. My fifteen year old son, Richard Cabo

Mukoro, was born in Spain to a Spanish Citizen, and have never been to Nigeria…

I have voted in the last Local and State government election in Spain since I became a

citizen. I ran for the seat of Mayor as a Spanish Citizen, May 24, 2015.

I respect what Spain stands for, and “I cannot choose Nigeria over Spain . . . .”.

My loyalty, my choice will always remain that of Spain, its Honor, because of what

this country stands for. I am here today because of the freedom, good system of

democracy, the good life, the due process, the rule of law, etc....

I pay my taxes here in Spain, I’ve done everything a citizen ought to do. And I

respect what this country stands for, and I thank God for what this country made

me become.

I grew up here. I learned the ways. I went to school here. And I would absolutely


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