MasterwebNews 28/12/15 - 13 Suggested Resolutions For The New Year, 2016

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. James C. Agazie reports ] - This is the time we make the New Year Resolutions for 2016. Are we going to make resolutions we can keep or ignore? A resolution is a decree, declaration, or decision we make. It can be a personal ruling, promise, pledge, or oath made to simplify our life, things we intend to keep, do, or make part of our activities during the New Year. Problem is either we don’t often intend to keep our resolutions or we lack the zeal or motivation to do so. Sometimes, we do the opposite of our resolutions and sometimes we do things we never resolved to do in the first place. Here are a few resolutions you might consider making at this beginning of 2016 Please add to this list as you deem necessary adding your name to the resolutions as follows: I, --------------------------------------------(eg. I, John Mike)


1.      Resolve to take those extra 15-45 pounds of flesh off my body through appropriate exercise and being aware of the dangers excess body weight can create for my heart, liver, lungs, and self-esteem. 


2.      Resolve to examine what I eat that messes up my body by looking at labels on things I buy at Kroger, Wal-Mart, or favorite grocery store,  at the levels of cholesterol, trans fat, calories, sugars, and sodium my food items may contain. it is not always what I eat that keeps me fat, and obese, but it can be what is contained in what I eat.


3.      Resolve to join a yoga class, weight-loss clinic.  aerobics, or an exercise class at my local YMCA. Why don’t I increase recreational activities that include cycling, jogging, swimming, dancing, or meditation?


4.      Resolve to increase my intake of clean water to cleanse my body of impurities.


5.      Resolve to reduce my consumption of chemicals contained in alcohol. Pepsi, Coca cola, Sprite, and other carbonated drinks. I have a few friends just out of surgeries for kidney stones after taking too much carbonated drinks and not enough water.


6.      Resolve to live an active life that involves moving around rather than sitting sedentary in front of television or with gossiping telephone in hand.


7.      Resolve to take a closer look at how I spend or waste resources. Do I shop till I drop or do I look in my garage or storage space to find items I can reuse rather buying stuffs I not need? Do I buy things I want but do not necessarily need? Examples are anew vehicle vs.  a slightly used one, a brand name medication vs. generic. I can spend thousands of dollar saved from wise shopping on some other more pressing needs.


8.      Resolve to keep your brain from being dead or atrophied through inactivity and through engaging in intellectual pursuits like going back to school to take up some academic or technical skills training. It makes more sense to acquire skills right now so that “ I’m prepared when the right job comes along” than that “the right job is here now but I am not prepared for it.”


9.      Resolve to improve your relationship with family members, including relationship with your God, wife, your husband, children, and extended family members.


10.  Resolve to stay away from being too angry with people who envy and annoy me or rub you the wrong way because excessive, unresolved rage or resentment can damage my  heart or lead to depression.


11.  Resolve to not let pursuit of money control my very existence (mind, body, and soul), but to be content with what I have; and be thankful I’ve made it this far.


12.  Resolve to let go of resentments and daily forgive those who trespass against me.


13.  Resolve to widen my horizon by making new friends with someone from a different Nigerian tribe, religion, or social circle.


Prepared by Dr. James C. Agazie, Email: 


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