BreakingNews 6/11/15 - Gowon Romanced Igbo Woman While Women And Children Were Bombed And Starved To Death

[ Masterweb Reports: Chief Charles Okereke reports ] -  This article is not about who was right or wrong in the Biafran war that consumed over a million innocent lives from starvation. It is the irony of one of the leaders in the war, on one hand drawing the sword on defenseless people and on the other courting their daughter and procreating an offspring with half  their blood.  This is intriguing indeed - while innocent civilians were being killed and maimed in Biafra, the maker of their cross of death, grief and pain was romancing one of their daughters.


In 1966 when Yakubu Gowon, then a Lieutenant Colonel became Nigeria Head of State, he was a bachelor in love with an Igbo girl, Edith Ike. Their romance ended at the heat of the war but not without a child. Musa (Full Name: Jack Musa Ngonadi Gowon) was born to Gowon and Edith in 1968. In 1969 Gowon married Miss Victoria Zakari, a nurse by profession. Gowon reportedly denied paternity of Musa.


On January 31, 2003, a case of paternity appeared before the Supreme Court of Nigeria (Suit No: SC.64/97); the appellant was General Gowon (Gowon v. Ike-Okongwu (2003) 6 NWLR (Pt.815)38 and respondents Mrs. Edith Ike-Okongwu, and Mr.Musa Gowon. FACTS: Respondent herein as plaintiff in the original action claimed, inter alia that the defendant, General Yakubu Gowon, is the father of the 2nd plaintiff, Musa Gowon. They claimed  damages of the sum of N10,000,000.00 for alleged libel contained in a letter published by the defendant through his solicitors to the editor of a monthly magazine “The Prime People.” Defendant in his statement of defence denied liability and paternity of the 2nd plaintiff. The defendant subsequently filed a motion seeking leave of court to file an amended statement of defence by inclusion of a counter-claim. The subject of the counter-claim was an alleged libellous article in two publications of the magazine called “HINTS - True Life Romances.” These publications of the magazine were made after the plaintiffs had filed amended statement of defence. The trial court at the conclusion of hearing of the application struck out both the amended statement of defence and the counter-claim. The defendant’s appeal to the Court of Appeal was dismissed. Dissatisfied, he further appealed to the Supreme Court.


Edith it was gathered migrated to the United States after the birth of Musa and her romance with Gowon ending. Musa lived with Gowon until her mother took him away to the U.S.  In the U.S.
Musa became rebellious and joined a Colombian drug cartel. He lived flamboyant lifestyle until he was arrested on November 18, 1992 aged 23, prosecuted and given 40-year jail sentence the following year. U.S. President Obama on Wednesday granted him state pardon after he had spent 22 years in prison. He is now in the custody of U.S. Immigration booked for deportation to Nigeria anytime from now.


Nigerian civil war (Biafran war) ended with heavy bombardment of the last Biafran enclave and my "Cry of A Biafran Child" the last shots (musical) fired to sooth wounds. Follow the link below to read more about All Hail Biafra (Cry of A Biafran Child):


May God grant us peace.


Chief Charles O. Okereke ( Email: ) reports.


*Photo Caption - Jack Musa Gowon





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