MasterwebNews 16/11/15 - Rev. Ekeke, Chair & Moderator, Igbo Day Symposium 2015 Thanks Atlanta Community

[Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - On behalf of IUA President, IUA leadership, Chair, Igbo Day 2015, and 2015 Igbo Symposium Subcommittee, I thank you – Ndigbo Community in Atlanta for your generous presence at the symposium last night.

It was an extraordinary gathering and powerful night filled with life-changing conversation and discussion on many of the crucial issues facing both our aging and young population in the Diaspora.  I would not have been any where else last night except at Ndigbo Atlanta Community Building – where the presenters and panelists assembled for this year’s symposium shared wonderful wisdom, hidden knowledge, incredible insights, and dished out innovative ideas and mesmerized the audience.
I like to summarize in one statement or two, some of my own personal take-away from the presenters and panelists. 

1.     Dr. (Mrs.) Ijeoma, a legal practitioner and director of African Bar Association in America – all the way from Houston, TX, powerfully spoke on the issue of death and will. We cannot live in denial that we are not going to die.  She emphasized the necessity to prepare for it as we prepare for neonatal.  Prepare your will, make burial arrangements. Without making these arrangements, we will leave our survival family members bereaving as well as fighting in courts and may probably loose our properties and assets to the State.

2.     Mr. Joe Okoronta, IUA president, spoke eloquently and powerfully on what true wealth is - in terms of investment and savings for retirement.  Mr. Okoronta was superb.  He is a brilliant man and orator. I’m personally very impressed of him. 

3.      Dr. Uzo Geoff Onukwugha, an MD who specialized also in natural medicine, electrified the audience with ways to stay healthy and live longer.  He talked about the 7 pillars of health, deadly sins of nutrition and unpacked the unbelievable benefits of coconut and palm oil.  I am sure that African & Caribbean stores in the city are going to be in high demand for these precious life-saving Igbo oils and vegetables.

4.     Mrs. Ada Egbufo, Esq, a practicing attorney here in Atlanta, spoke on Police Power and their relationship with community – especially the young black males.  Because of perceived notion of black people as ‘no-good’ in this society and persistent racist culture in America, we – all need survival guide to respond to Police authority when confronted or encountered.  We have to know our rights – whether confronted on the road or at your home.  Police do not wound you – they kill you when you do not know how to interact with their power and authority. Really practical wisdom and survival legal insights to avoid being a statistic in police hands.

5.     Dr. Christian Ike, a clinical pharmacist and scholar in Abandoned Property Policy of the Nigerian State, spoke on how to re-integrate the Igbos into the Nigerian State and how Igbos can forge unity and speak with one voice again even in the midst of the current Biafra resurgence.  He called for a new Biafra renaissance.

6.     Mr. Sam Adim, an Information technology professional with 20-plus years experience and Igbo Atlanta leader, encouraged us to tap into the power of wealth building by participating in the stock market as a vehicle for long term investment.  He said we should not be afraid to use savvy and social media technologies available today to play the game of stock market.

7.      Engr. Larry Ndule, an Architect and Realtor, educated us on another aspect of wealth building – Real Estate ownership.  He said, Real Estate investment and ownership is one of the best ways to build lasting wealth.  He shared several insights on how to get started.

8.      Prof. Francis Ostia Onukwuli, an eminent community leader and educator, spoke boldly and courageously on leadership and followership behavior of Igbos and its impacts to the economic and political instability in Igbo land today. 
Off course, due to the vacuum of true leadership and a quest for authentic leadership in Igboland today, millions of Igbo youth are followers of Mr. Nnamdi kanu, the executive director Radio Biafra in London England and leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) currently in detention by the Nigerian State (DSS and Buhari/APC government).  They are currently protesting all over SE/SS – demanding for his immediate release of their leader.   By the way, Mr. Kanu does not need a title or formal authority to be a leader.  He may have an infor
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