MasterwebNews 27/1/16 - Okezie Ikpeazu: Strength Amidst Challenges

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - What should have caused a low morale and dampen the spirit of a leader has rather come to be an inspirational obsession for Governor Ikpeazu. His passion for service to Abia People has remained unshaken and unwavering and will remain so. 


The regime of projects and road constructions has continued unabated despite the distractions of the Appeal Court Ruling. For the Governor, his covenant with the Abia people remains constant. So  this period has been largely a time of consolidation of the gains attained in the first 200 days and a time of opening up of new frontiers. 


Just yesterday, the Governor inaugurated the committee for the Inland Dry Port at Ntigha, Isiala Ngwa North, and last week he flagged off the construction of four roads in Aba – six-kilometer Ohazu-Ibere-Ozumba Ring Road which terminates at 72 Port Harcourt Road and the Umuokahia Road, and will soon match on to Bende Local Government where three roads have been earmarked for construction. The newly flagged-off roads in Aba will also be constructed with cement technology.


So it has been a regime of work and projects in the midst of  what should have been a huge distraction or a psychological setback for other people. What should have been a threat arerather a motivation and a source of inspiration for Governor Ikpeazu. He is being fired on by a seeming challenge. He is in full control of his environment, displaying doggedness and showing courage in the face of an obvious threat. He is inspiring everyone and this is the hallmark of a leader. 


A roll-call


1.   Road Construction


We are on 47 active sites and 2 bridges are under construction in the state today.  Three of such roads were commissioned in Aba by the former President Olusegun Obasanjo. These roads cut across the 3 geopolitical zones of the state.  


There are plans between the state and its neighbour, Akwa Ibom to jointly rehabilitate the  shared federal Roads. 


Abia State is also pioneering the use of cement  technology or what experts call rigid pavement technology in road construction which means we have to cast with concrete over a mass of iron before asphalting the road. The idea is to extend the lifespan of the roads, to ensure durability so  we don’t come back to them very soon.




We have completed the construction of a brand new bridge at Okonu Afia, Ohafia and done a realighnment of a the bridge at Umunneochie. And we are erecting solar light at the both sides of the bridges.


2Zero Tolerance to Potholes


Abia is running a programme we call Zero tolerance to potholes. By this, the old roads are constantly being  asphalted and resurfaced. This programme is being executed by the state road management agency and it is taking place simultaneously in the two cities of Umuahia and Aba.  


Under this project, 5 roads have been asphalted in Umuahia and completely resurfaced St Micheals Road , Park Road, Kent, Ube and many others all in Aba city.


3Establishment of Trade Centers


Abia is establishing trade centres where the old professions are to be revived. This will be supervised and handled by some Mexicans and Philipinos. The idea is for them to begin to teach Abia children the rudiments of the old craft works like capentry, masonry, House Wring so that we can produce our own household items without going abroad to import them.


To teach such handiwork as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, Tiling etc. The idea is to help the artisans add some professionalism and education to their trade. We expect that the trade centres will create jobs and empower people with skills


4.  Friends of Abia Schools Adoption Initiative (FASAI)


1. The Governor used the occasion of his 51th birthday to launch this pet project to mobilize funds to renovate the worst primary schools in the 17 Local Government Areas of the State.
2. Calling on friends to help him give a facelift to primary schools in serious state of dilapidation
3. The aim is to turn around the fortunes of such schools to give the pupils real sense of belonging. Change the environment of the schools.
4. Calling on well to do Abians to assist him own pupils of the schools and make the world a better place for them, through sponsorship and infrastructural development of the schools.
5. Under this also, the Governor decided to maintain direct contact with the headmasters of the primary schools to enable him oversee the academic standard of pupils in the state.
6. The idea also is to revert
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