BreakingNews 7/2/16 - T.B. Joshua: Prophecy Comes to Light as North Korea Fires Rocket?

[ Masterweb Reports: Lee Seung reports ] - A recent 'prophecy' by T.B. Joshua concerning North Korea appears to be one to be taken seriously after they launched a long-range rocket on Sunday carrying what it has called a satellite, which its neighbors and Washington denounced as a missile test, conducted in defiance of U.N. sanctions and just weeks after a nuclear bomb test.



On Sunday January 3, T.B. Joshua gave a prophetic global warning on his Emmanuel TV station concerning North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. He declared, “I am seeing an ‘arrow’ from there and it will affect the world,”. He added that he saw, North Korea possessed weaponry that most countries were unaware of.



A few days later North Korea not only carried out a nuclear bomb test on 6 January, it has now fired a long-range rocket, which critics say is a test of banned missile technology. The launch was detected to have taken place at 09:31 (00:31 GMT) by the South Korean Defence Ministry.



T.B. Joshua further added during his prophetic declaration, “The war we are fighting already in Syria is still there. We cannot afford another one again,” he stated, calling for those involved to embrace peace.


The US, South Korea and even ally China say the rocket launches are aimed at developing an inter-continental ballistic missile capable of striking the US; as a result, an emergency meeting on Sunday at the U.N. Security Council has been called for.





Lee Seung ( Email: ) reports.


*Photo Caption - T. B. Joshua

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