MasterwebNews 12/1/16 - Letter to APC leader Ahmed Bola Tinubu; Solution to Kogi controversy.

[ Masterweb Reports: Kogi East Youth Leaders write Tinubu ] - Good day our leader, we want to use this medium to facilitate you, or in other words congratulate Nigerians on the victory recorded in the concluded elections in March Last year, and your successful effort on the party APC. indeed you are a good leader, a good leader that has all qualities of leadership, a leader who lead by example, you are a priceless gift to humanity, a leader who sees the needs of his people and go for it, your solid foundation transform Lagos state to what it is today, We believe it will be applicable to Nigeria as a owl.

  We believe embrace and vote for the party APC because of you. You are a leader of justice, we no you will not see injustice and pass by.

   Since the death of our leader your friend prince Abubakar Audu, Kogi has being in controversial decision  concerning the election, of which the party APC went ahead to pick Yahaya Bello. This man Yahaya Bello is a political prostitute by joining another party called SDP, he worked for PDP to the extend PDP won in his polling unit, this man did not work for the party by campaigning with Audu for APC deliverance in
the state, he even took Audu to court that means his Audu's (political) enemy. All of a sudden be given Audu's victory this is injustice and ungodly.

   Secondly there is a mistake done by Faleke which need to be done for further movement, we all no political position is not inheritable, Audu's son cannot inherit his father's position moreover his not even a politician. Both Faleke and Audu's son has no ticket, the court may nullify if given. That is the opportunity Yahaya Bello used. Youth leaders in Kogi East have come to conclusion to correct that with your
intervention since is not late. 

  Sir many politician contested with Audu from the same constituency our opinion is that Faleke should go to Audu constituency pick an aspirant from there mean he should pick an aspirant that bought the form and follow through primaries. If that is done then the equation is balanced both of them can go for the race because that person has the nomination form and nomination form is prerequisite to that lacuna, (of which Audu's son do not have) which the court cannot nullify because the court
will see that if Faleke is not an aspirant the other person is an aspirant and follow electoral process. The youth has given full support for peace progress and prosperity. With this opinion Faleke and the eastern part of Kogi will gain their victory back, and Kogi will be in peace thank you.

Long live Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu
Long live Kogi State
Long live this administration,
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Kogi East Youth Leaders

Email:  Attention To - Abdulahi Hamza


*Photo Caption - Map of Kogi State

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