MasterwebNews 12/1/16 - Biafra: Let My People Think

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. C. K. Ekeke reports ] - I cannot agree more with Attorney Nebu Adiele.   His response to Prof. Itse Sagay who ignorantly stated that: Biafra Republic Agitation is for selfish reasons- Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN) - Africa Business World is quite appropriate. There is no doubt that Attorney Adiele is not only a learned person but wise, courageous and honorable man.


Can you imagine the reasoning of a constitutional lawyer and SAN, who is currently the chair of President Buhari commission on corruption? Do you wonder the kinds of advice, recommendations and reports this educated fool will be giving to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is why Nigeria can never work without a fundamental restructure of the country, or divine cleansing, or even division of the evil empire called Nigeria.


I’m constrained to write in these social media forums especially when I read about ignorance in the areas I have expertise or some experience in order to enlighten and educate. The Bible teaches that "my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge...." - Hosea 4:6.


We no longer have honorable men in Nigeria. We no longer have sincere, honest and courageous people in position of leadership in Nigeria. We no longer have political leaders one can trust. Morality in Nigeria is zero if not in the minuses.


I have read some arguments for/against: Biafra, SE marginalization, Buhari’s kitchen appointments, his media chart analysis, DSS continued detention of innocent people, the Army pogrom against prof-Biafra agitators, etc. Nigerians (Igbos and non Igbos) alike who do not see the intentional conspiracy against SE and the dictatorship of President Buhari/APC government are either blind or simply dishonest and dishonorable people.


Sadly, our so-called prophets and men of God are now colluding with President Buhari including Rev. Fr. Mbaka who prophesized that people are planning to kill the President. Now, we know it’s actually ex-President Jonathan they were planning to kill after the assassination attempt on Senator Ekweremadu failed.


In as much as I applaud President Buhari’s waging war against corruption; however, his fight against corruption has been selective and vindictive. How can Governor Amaechi who stole Rivers State dry be a minister in his cabinet? What about ex-governors Fashola and Tinubu who owns half of Lagos currently?  Buhari is losing his integrity and Nigerians are beginning to notice – despite the millions of Naira he’s paying some Nigerian millennial bloggers to defend his abuse of power and desecration of rule of law in a constitutional democracy.


By the way, we know President Buhari has the full support of the man in the White House. After-all, one of the Obama’s political campaign managers: David Axelrod consulted and worked with APC/Buhari to win the presidency. Now all of sudden, war military tanks (24 of them) are being donated by the U.S. to fight Boko-Haram – a jihadist sect that has been on murderous campaign since 2009.


I also read earlier today that Nigeria is acquiring JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jets (10 of them) from Pakistan. These war tanks and Jet fighters are to be used to crush Biafra agitators, Shia Muslims and opposition. We are in a full-blown civilian dictatorship.


Earlier this week, Oshodi market was demolished because bunkers and ammunition were discovered inside the market. How can any reasonable government demolish such a big and famous market where thousands of traders make a living for themselves and their families because bunkers and arms were found in the market without adequate notice and proper planning? Remember the audio tape of a satanic plan to destabilize Igbo economic power and drive them out the north and west. This is just the beginning. We better brace up as these satanic strategies continue to unfold.


How can any nation make progress when a group that has the wherewithal to transform Nigeria into a super power are subjected with repressive policies, oppression, marginalization and injustice? The Nigerian State is holding itself down and under-developed.


Also from a reliable source, President Buhari has promised Ogoni people of SS a whopping sum of 3.6 billion Naira yearly to sabotage Biafra.


People who deny SE marginalization or ask who’s marginalizing who are so ignorant. I wish they can pickup a dictionary and look up the word: marginalization and study the political and public polices of Nigerian rulers since the last 50 years. Or simply ask the question why SE is being denied the presidency. Although Igbos are partly to be blamed for it as well.  We saw that with our naked eyes in 1998/99 – when Chief Alex Ekwueme, the leader of the G34 that formed PDP was stripped of his rightful privilege and given to General Obasanjo, who later because the president of Nigeria for 8 years. Go and review the public policies of OBJ during his 8-year reign.


As long as Igbos continue to sabotage themselves, SE will continue to be relegated by using sellouts, saboteurs and ignorant Igbos to destabilize the region. They need to learn from the Jews if they truly believe they have any connection to them.


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