BreakingNews 18/1/16 - Nzeogwu-January 66 coup, Corruption and The Price of Tribalism

[ Masterweb Reports ] - There has been an attempt in recent times to restrict corruption, its origins and menace to the Jonathan era. The propagandists have sold tales of former president Jonathan’s alleged massive corruption, its purported historic dimensions and how it ruined the nation. But the facts are different. Corruption in Nigeria dates back to the first republic and has since metamorphosed into a national pastime and to a large extent a national culture in which almost everyone to a larger or lesser extent is involved one way or the other. It is a vice that has enriched a few and pauperised the majority. In Nigeria— politicians as well as the Police, customs officials, artisans and even pastors are all involved in corruption. While for many Nigerians corruption means only looting of public funds, in reality looting is only just an aspect of corruption which is more broadly defined as the “misuse of public, private or entrusted power and generally......... Read More.



*Photo Caption - Late Major Kaduna Nzeogwu

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