BreakingNews 27/2/16 - Africa Requires $1 Billion to Improve Hydro-meteorological Services

[ Masterweb Reports: Bamidele Famoofo reports ] - The African Development Bank has estimated that as much as USD 1 billion will be required to improve hydro-meteorological services in Africa. The Bank said a minimum of USD 100 million to 150 million per year will be needed to modernize regional systems.

“Faced with drought, flooding, and climate-resilient infrastructure, adequate hydro-meteorological services are necessary to support resilient growth across a range of sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa. But given 80 percent of such services on the continent are under-funded, have weak capacity and deteriorated infrastructure, collaboration is seen as the only viable solution to help turn the situation around”, AfDB disclosed.

Meanwhile, the AfDB and the World Bank recently met to collaborate and discuss the way forward.

Both teams exchanged information on Hydromet projects currently under implementation, preparation, and consideration. In an effort to streamline their approach, it was agreed that a comprehensive strategy and master plan tailored to individual country contexts would guide the process in the future.

Given the important role of Hydromet services in agriculture production, food security, water resource management, air and road safety and disaster management, the mission further highlighted the potential of mainstreaming substantial Hydromet components in regular agriculture and water projects.

Having agreed upon the programme’s objective, rational and approach, the next step will be formalizing the partnership in writing as discussion begins on the organization of a regional workshop.

“Given the scope of the challenge, the Africa Hydromet Programme will require a joint effort to mobilize sufficient resources to maximize its transformational impact,” said ClimDev Africa Special Fund (CDSF) Coordinator Justus Kabyemera. “Once the formal agreement has been finalized, a resource mobilization strategy will be developed.”

Both parties have discussed operationalisation of its activities which focus on investment, technical assistance and capacity-building, possible synergies and available sources of financing.


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