MasterwebNews 6/3/16: Nigeria Schools Invited To Join talkUBUNTU, 1st Ever African School In The Cloud

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] – Thandi Lujabe Rankoe, the first female Ambassador to head the South Africa’s mission in Tanzania and Mozambique, wants school children to take charge of an important part of their education. “Our kids are our greatest asset, they are resourceful and often know better than their teachers how to make use of new technologies and innovations to better their education”
Thandi Lujabe Rankoe is on a mission. She wants school children to take ownership of at least a part of their education. Because it is possible, she says, and because it is urgently needed.
Young people, Thandi says have a wealth of, energy, enthusiasm, creativity and focus they could bring to any learning situation. By tapping into this energy, we do not only improve on education delivery, but empower young people to take charge of their own life's, to define goals for their learning and provide opportunities for ongoing self-evaluation and reflection.
213,000 children failed their end of school examination for the 2015, out of a total of nearly 800,000.
According to Stellenbosch University's Professor Servaas van der Berg, out of the 1.2 million sevenyear-olds who enrolled in Grade 1 in 2002, slightly less than half went on to pass their schoolleaving exam, the matric, 11 years later.
Give school children more ownership of their education -
Thandi Lujabe Rankoe, once described by Nelson Mandela as "a quiet, unassuming though singleminded woman, who represents the best that any country can offer” may be retired from the world of diplomacy, but finds herself today at the forefront of education innovation. She is the ‘ambassador’ of talkUBUNTU, a first ever African-based social media learning environment developed for schools and designed to stimulate peer to peer education.
talkUBUNTU is a ‘Facebook for schools”, a learning platform where learners get together to “talk” about their future, their study- and career development, their special interests and all related to their personal- and social development. In old fashioned terms, talkUBUNTU is Life Orientation and Studyand Career Development, school subjects often referred to as soft sciences, but vital to the
development of our children.
International studies show that more than half off all students polled in schools in western countries say that they feel inefficiently prepared for the real world by the time that they leave schools, made wrong study- and/or career choices and are finding it difficult to find jobs. In South Africa statistics show a staggering 74% of under-24 year olds saying that they find it hard to find jobs.
A study in The Netherlands point to an annual loss of more than 5 billion euros to society, as a direct or indirect result of wrong study- and career choices. Life Orientation and Study- and Career Development are often undervalued but important areas in learning and a part of our education where learners can play a more active role in.
South Africa’s education challenges are not hampered by a lack of funding. In fact, South Africa spends more on education, some 6% of GDP, than any other African country. Yet in many global studies South African students are often ranked near the bottom, especially in math’s and science tests. The government has built more schools than ever since the advent of democracy, but quality teaching and a proper structured learning process is lacking.
talkUBUNTU is designed to fill the gap between learning and working and learning and the real world. Schools are invited to join the platform to enable and empower their students to explore the world and to discover for themselves, from a young age, what opportunities, challenges and dilemmas await them once they leave school.
To do so effectively talkUBUNTU has developed a first ever African-based social learning platform to enable schools across the continent to build their own learning enterprises by inviting the local business and industrial sector as well as civil society into the classroom. These learning enterprises or school-business- and school-civil society partnerships offer students a learning environment where they can discover, explore and interact with the real world.
The learning environment gives learners the tools to find and share information and knowledge about study- and career development and to work on projects, assignments and/or campaigns for personal- and social development. They talk about the challenges of HIV Aids, Teen Pregnancy, Drug Abuse, Racism. Poverty and all other subjects relevant to growing up and society in general.
Building learning enterprises with local businesses from all industrial sectors as well as with civil society bring a wealth of information to the classroom. An example is The Netherlands, where more than 200 thousand businesses are directly engaged with schools.
Life Orientation and Study- and Career development is a great area of education where learners, with their teacher in a supporting role, can take charge of their own learning and development. And a first step to give young people a greater role in education delivery. Technology gives us the tools to give content to the African philosophy that says that it takes a village to educate the child.
talkUBUNTU is a not for profit foundation. More than 50 schools in South Africa and the rest of Africa are taking part in the talkUBUNTU 2016 launch program, I Am Nelson Mandela.
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