Boko Haram Jihadist - A Song

 There was a man just back from Boko Haram Desert

There was a Hausa, his manager was this Igboman

He loved his manager just like all Boko Harrans do

He loved his manager in a way violently radicalized

Of course he showed his love with bombs and firepower


One day the manager felt scared and foreboding

Packed his family and headed southward

That Muslim then turned out to be head of Team Boko Haran Jihad

Bombed his manager’s compound and blew up his manager’s church

Raped manager’s mother, and gutted her like a Kroger chicken


That Hausa man just back from Mecca, preached an Islam AIDS-tainted

“You Christians, go home or face our unrelenting holy war

We’ll never rest until we carve out Sharia State of Ngeria

“Hey, Johnathan, we demand amnesty amidst our killings”

He engineered imams and state governors to plead for amnesty


That Hausa man just back from Mecca threw rocks at Satan his prophet

Walked seven times round the blue hills , kissed a handful of black kaaba

One day this Hausa from Mecca did something different

He loved 70 virgins more than his Igbo manager

He wrote a will and placed inside the Quoran


“To my faithful manager”, he said, “I leave you this will

Please have the camel, just leave the pretty 70 virgins alone”

The Hausa man from over yonder desert burst asunder in shreds of camel’s flesh

At the gates of kaaba-fenced hell the Hausa man cried

“allah-ee, allah-ee, you no de-ee, 70 virgins no de-ee, I killed for nothing-ee”




By Dr. James C. )


*Photo Caption – Music Symbol

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