BreakingNews 11/2/16 - Asia Dehumanizing of Black Africans On The Increase; Africa Bawl Must Be Diverted To These Bigots

[ Masterweb Reports: Chukwuma Bright reports ] - Gone are the days when Africa cry of underdevelopment by the West was foremost on the list of issues the continent faced. Dehumanization of black Africans in India and other Asian countries is of great concern to all lovers of justice, liberty and freedom. Africans are continuously abused and killed in these countries without much response from African Union (AU) and the countries their citizens were so dehumanized or killed.


An irony of both the elite and political class who pay lip service to how the Asia-African relationship has been in China and India and in some cases at the fore-front of the dehumanization.


Every now and then, one of the Asian countries would host African heads of state for one summit, conference, Exhibition or the other without these presidents complaining about the ill treatment of their citizens in these countries.  African Union is one of the most visionless, unproductive, useless, senseless organization in the world - they have never said a word about the treatment of their citizens in other parts of the world.


Read for yourself below, the abuse of black Africans in India: 


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petition: Demand to stop hate crimes against Africans in India


The bigots know how to get their way by tagging abuse of black Africans "mob action" - giving the dog bad name in order to hang it.


Chukwuma Bright ( Email: ) reports from India.


*Photo Caption - Ugandan woman stripped and abused in India recently.




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