BreakingNews 17/2/16 - Kenyan man`s attempt to enlarge his penis almost cost him his life

[ Masterweb Reports: Liatema Munyu reports ] - A man's attempt to increase his penile size almost cost him his life and took doctors hours of surgery and skill to perform a corrective procedure. So rare and critical was the case that two surgeons who were involved in the procedure sought permission from the victim to have the story featured on the International Journal of Surgery. 


The young man aged 26 whose name has been withheld for the sake of his privacy purchase a ring with instructions for use in order to see his manhood size increase to the desired length.


The instructions required him to place the ring at the base of his male member and then stimulate an erection lasting three hours every two weeks. This was supposed to stimulate the growth of the member in size and thickness.The man would later use the ring to enhance his sexual performance since the ring would restrict blood flow out of the manhood resulting in a longer and larger erection.


However, all did not continue as planned after the man failed to get the ring out as he had done in previous efforts. After 12 hours of trying to get the ring out with no success, the man presented himself at Kenyatta Hospital citing pain in his organ and difficulty to pass urine. by this time his manhood had darkened and enlarged greatly.


Given the emergency of the situation and its likely fatality, the doctors, Faraz Alkizim, Daniel Kanyata and Joseph Githaiga of the University of Nairobi Department of Surgery quickly moved into action but the ring was too huge for the cutters in the hospital. With hours moving the doctors were forced to create a cut on the organ in order to drain out some blood to allow the manhood to deflate and hence pass the ring.


It took another hour to slip out the ring from the organ using nylon tape and the patient taken to the wards for recovery.


The doctors have warned against the risks posed by the unscrupulous methods for penile enlargement.


*Photo Caption - Seaweed that looks like penis

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