BreakingNews 27/3/16 - Domestic Investors Renew Confidence in Nigerian Stock Market as February Investments Grow 83%

[ Masterweb Reports: Tayo Adeleke reports ] - Local investors are showing increasing confidence in the Nigerian economy as they injected more money in the biggest economy in Africa through the stock exchange in February.

 Domestic investors increased their stake in the stock market with N33.76billion, growing local funds from N40.73billion in January 2016 to N74.49billion in February 2016, representing 82.88 percent increase.

 Foreign investment dropped by 1.36 percent from N43.37billion in January 2016 to N42.78billion in the review month of February 2016, indicating declining confidence.
 Breakdown of transactions in February shows that domestic retail stock investors raised the bar by increasing trading by 91.94 percent between January and February 2016. This class of investors increased their investment by N17.36billion to N36.24billion from N18,.88billion in January.

 Domestic Institutional investors increased trading by N16.4billion in February in addition to N21.85billion injected into the market in January 2016.

 Total transactions at the nation’s bourse increased by 39.44 percent from N84.10 billion recorded in January 2016 to N117.27 billion (about $0.60 billion) in February 2016. In comparison to the same period in 2015, total transactions decreased by 36.44 percent from the N184.49 recorded in February 2015.


*Photo Caption - Trading Floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange

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