MasterwebNews 30/3/16 - Nigeria today: NYSC, in whose interest?

[ Masterweb Reports: Adeleke O. Ademo reports ] - In one of my ruminating escapades I stumbled upon this thought: 'Is NYSC really in the interest if Youth Corp Members?' Many people have put forth their voices regarding the National Youth Service Corp scheme that was put in place in 1973 by the Gowon administration in order to cushion the effect of the civil war which ended in 1970. In this article I would be examining the situation quite uniquely as my custom is when I write on social issues as it affects the wellbeing of a large number of people.


For many graduates, NYSC is the next thing on their mind. Some have however found many ways to boycott it. Many people see it as a waste of one year of their life, many others think differently. For many, NYSC is one year of free money, for many others, it is one year of under productivity. Many see NYSC as that necessary break in between school and ‘real life’.


I remember when I just graduated from the prestigious Lagos State University where I became a Sociologist; I was elated like many others and optimistic of my NYSC experience. I read several online accounts of different people's experiences in order to prepare myself for the unexpected.


My position on whether NYSC should be scrapped or not is quite unique, I believe that NYSC should not be scrapped but it should be overhauled. I believe that Corp members should be allowed to serve in companies instead of posting majority of them to schools. I think this has contributed a great deal in the ‘assumption’ that some of our graduates are unemployable.


These days most of the vacancies require years of experience. If graduates are allowed to work in companies, they would be able to get necessary experience that would make them employable instead of sending everyone to teach. I would also advise prospective Corp members and students to volunteer in various capacities so as to get the necessary skills and experience that they might need in 'real life'.


This is my humble opinion. It's don’t just want to make common sense, I also want our graduates to find jobs and make my Nigerian dream a reality.


I'm a proud Nigerian!


God bless Nigeria!


Adeleke O. Ademo ( Email: ) reports.


*Photo Caption - NYSC Youth Corpers

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