BreakingNews 7/3/16 - Nigeria: Mrs. Dorothy Ihuoma Braide Murdered By Her Abductors

[ Masterweb Reports: Lawrence Okezie Odoemelem reports ] - O God it hurts so bad! On Tuesday March 01, 2016 some armed men invaded the home of my immediate younger sister Mrs. Dorothy Ihuoma Braide nig_Née Odoemelem at Ebubu Town in Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State and abducted her. After three days of grueling silence, they opened up communication on Thursday morning asking for a ransom of N50 Million. They scaled their demand from 50 to 20 to 15 and finally N5 Million on Friday insisting that it must be paid before 6 PM on... Friday otherwise they would kill her.

My brother in-law explained that N5 Million Naira was a huge sum that could not be raised within such a few hours and pleaded for time to raise the funds. They did not contact us by 6Pm as they had indicated giving us a temporary sense of relief while we were busy generating the funds.


Yesterday March 05, 2016 around 7pm the police following a tip from some citizens found the corpse of my sister with a shot in the heart. They killed her.


My sister was such a loving and caring woman that wouldn't hurt a fly. Her death hurts so deep right now that no hand can caress it.


I have the audio of these murderers negotiating with my in-law which I shall make public whenever the police conclude their investigations and the phone numbers they used so that the world will flush them out to atone for their heinous crime.


My family needs your prayers right now, because that which we had dreaded has finally come upon us. 


Lawrence Okezie Odoemelem, Mrs. Dorothy Ihuoma Braide brother reports 



*Photo Caption - Mrs. Dorothy Ihuoma Braide



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