BreakingNews 9/3/16 - Nnamdi Kanu`s Lawyer Appeals Ruling of High Court Allowing Testimony of Witnesses Behind Screen

[ Masterweb Reports ] –  Hon. Barrister I. C. Ejiofor, one of Nnamdi Kanu`s lawyers yesterday filed an appeal against the ruling of the Federal High Court on Monday that prosecution witnesses could testify behind screens.  Ejiofor said that defense will today in court urge the Federal High Court to suspend all proceedings until the disposition of their case at the Court of Appeal. 
He said that Nnamdi Kanu would not be in court today because his life was being threatened. Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) appeared at the Federal High Court, Abuja on Monday on six count charge of treasonable felony which  carries maximum life sentence in Nigeria. The case was adjourned to Wednesday (today) after successful application by federal prosecutor, Mohammed Diri for screens to be mounted to protect the identity of witnesses.
Diri in his application claimed witnesses were being threatened by associates of Kanu. Judge John Tsoho ruled that witnesses could testify behind screens, where they would only be visible to the judge, lawyers and the three defendants, including Kanu, so that the witnesses  would not be afraid nor exposed to avoidable danger. The ruling came after an  order on February 19 by Tsoho that witnesses would not be allowed to wear masks and that the public would be allowed at the trial.
Click here  - to read the Notice of Appeal filed by Nnamdi Kanu`s counsel, Hon. Barrister I. C. Ejiofor at the Court of Appeal yesterday.
*Photo Caption – Nnamdi Kanu in court.
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