MasterwebNews 20/4/16 - Nigeria: When Change is True

[ Masterweb Reports: Ikechukwu Enyiagu reports ] - There is nobody who doesn't want peace. There is none who abhors success. Man, in all his idiosyncrasy, appreciates neighbourliness and the amazing power of plurality.  Man is the same in Nigeria and he is in other parts of the world. Sadly, though, as has been agreed by all, albeit inwardly by the so-called 'elite' few, the Nigerian man tends to diversify, not ways of improving upon the little good, but our hate for one another and for the country altogether. What then went wrong in our own country? Rather, how did we get here and what must be done to ease ourselves of this load of self-destruction?

A new Party took the rein on the bandwagon of 'change' chants. We all clamoured for the change which APC waved as the new flag-those in the opposition as well as those who could or did not vote-and, as the party of change came to power, everyone adjusted his seat for the hopeful flight. It is close to one year that this government of change wrestled power from the seemingly 'old and exhausted' PDP but Nigerians, in all reservations, are still pondering on the context of change within our polity.

My position is not to throw punches at perceived persons and groups desperately working against this change; I would rather appeal that those in offices and with the powers of change consider their individual and collective actions and inaction in this time of great distress.

For instance, the Nigeria Police is credited with saying that over seven hundred thousand applications out of the meagre ten thousand required  have been recorded in its ongoing preliminary recruitment process - and that has come about halfway into the given duration of the exercise. This is just an exercise which does not cover unemployed Nigerians who are possibly above 35 years of age. The same age limit
goes for virtually all military and paramilitary recruitments. Two areas which change begs for recognition are:


1. In  seems that over 77% of our youths have remained jobless before now.


2. A section of our jobless youths outside this percentage are constantly ignored by the federal character just because the country could not create space for them until they passed the age limit of the federal recruitment.

The Senate, in swift response, retorted that they ACTUALLY bought 36 Land cruisers at N36.5m each as against the purported 108 cars. From this revelation, we consider these:


1. Not even the Senate appears to understand the true meaning of change.


2. What man would send his child to a higher-paid school when his income lowers unless he is corruption personified, a thief? The act of buying these already exorbitant cars at twice their market prices simply mocks change and eulogises speedy destruction of Nigeria and Nigerians.

Clearly, it appears that every attempt by our leaders to transfigure change has backfired, not on them, but on the ever-poorer masses. How could a government which rode into power on the wings of the masses with 'change!' chants be so cruel as to collaborate with the petroleum marketers to multiply the woes of its citizens? You say that MPS is approved to individual marketers at N86.5 yet they sell at N200 and above. Then you claim you cannot govern the presently most laden sector of the economy by allowing the marketers artificial scarcity to further destroy the patriotism left in Nigerians.

With the tiers of government deceiving the citizens on the goings-on with the 2016 budget, the list of mis-change appears longer than the measuring tape.

Honestly and without any bias or sentiment, I see the destruction of this country coming from the hands of our elders who have remained negatively young in their hearts and actions. When an elder refuses to behave as one but opts to claim everlasting youthfulness, he thinks of his future and that of his immdediate family alone. An elder must be all-accommodating. If we still have elders in this country they should fight together in favour of what unites all their children and not water the evil seed that grows into a tree of collective decline and death. I see our leaders traditionally repeat the same mistake of Rehoboam the son of Solomon while he sought for advice.

When and if change is true, a true elder offers his head-if need be-for the prevailing of the truth. And until our leaders begin to compete in their race to favour the masses in all their deliberations, laws and actions, change-this change-will remain a curse to the people.


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