MasterwebNews 24/4/16: The Last Jihad

[ Masterweb Reports: Henry Osita Emembolu reports ] - I strongly believe that world events of the past four decades including the U.S. invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and especially the Palestine crisis has fueled , extremism and violence in Islam which will eventually lead to a clash of civilizations (Last crusade or Last Jihad). Others may disagree, arguing instead that the clash is more within Islam itself. It’s possible my convictions could be attributed to the fact that I have lived in a multi-cultural environment in Nigeria where ethno-religious factor was the driving force in the corruption, socioeconomic decay and civil war in which the western countries armed and supported the Muslims against the Christians.


To most Muslims, only countries governed by the Islamic creed are worthy. The rest should be brought into submission willingly or by terror, conquest, war, even with rape serving as a weapon of conquest etc. The basic strategy is evolutionary and revolutionary. Evolutionary method is to appear outwardly peaceful and cooperative and many Muslims may well be; using the funds made available by their sponsors will attempt to create monopolistic markets and stifle oppositions or competitions from infidels with the government backing and then exerting an economic squeeze to achieve the desired result. This is already happening in Nigeria with the likes of Aliko Dangote and few other Muslims been the sole importer of a long list of items and the destruction of Biafran shops in an attempt at full Islamization. The rural dwellers and the economically disadvantaged Biafrans will be the first Islamic converts or victims. How far will the Islamization process go before Biafrans finally wake up from their slumber and realize this is an existential threat? This is a also a reflection of Islamic value system – theocratic absolute monarchy against the republican nature of the Biafrans. Islam means total submission and they will not stop until they achieve global submission or they are stopped. The revolutionaries/radicals can be seen in ISIS or Hausa Fulani Herdsmen with AK-47 (AKA BOKOHARAM) working as the foot soldiers. As their population and knowledge of the terrain grows, they will become more assertive in demanding their rights. The republicanism, Judeo-Christian values and ethics obtainable in the south eastern Nigeria which preaches absolute love for your enemy and equality will only serve to hasten the advance of Islam as was witnessed in AGATU, the kidnap and rape of underage southeastern Christian women of Biafra origin – use of rape as a weapon of war with the aim of destroying the enemy from within. Any activity is allowed as long as it serves the overall end result of advancing the spread of Islam under the protection of the Nigerian federal Govt. It’s just a question of time before hell breaks loose. I implore all to research the conversion of Turkey to Islam. Biafrans, your Islamization process has begun and there is a worldwide media cover-up for it!!


There is a strong bond among Muslims when it comes to an infidel; if a Muslim is insulted in Denmark, another Muslim in Nigeria owes it as a call of duty for the price of over 40 virgins in paradise to avenge and spill the blood of any Christian (Biafra). One must admit the reward of 40 virgins in paradise is enticing enough for the weak and the stupid. Absence of a comparable level of brotherhood in Christianity probably stemming from their understanding and embrace of the Judeo-Christian values/ethics and the common law introduced by colonialist could explain why Britain who introduced Christianity to Biafrans will arm the Muslims against ethnic cleansing of the Christian Biafrans which has continued till today. This brings me to my next question about the religion (Christianity) that the colonial master gave to the Biafrans. What kind of religion did the slave masters export to the colonies that allowed them to support Islam and commit ethnic genocide against their converts - Biafrans? The Christian Biafrans pay their tithe to the church of Canterbury - UK headed by the queen and yet the UK government supported and armed the Muslims probably using some of the money paid as tithe. This is a classic. Let me rephrase it again; is it possible for someone who enslaved you for close to 200yrs and broke your spirit to introduce you to a God who will empower you? There are only two options here; either the Christian Biafrans are extremely stupid or the religion given to us by the slave master is a Lie. To thyself be truthful.


Sometimes I wish I could look into a crystal ball to discern the minds of the world leaders to further my understanding and knowledge of what their game plan is. However, its clear there is an unspoken or spoken agreement between Saudi Arabia and western countries for the infusion of petro dollars Into the western economies for their continued support of her worldwide evolutionary Islamization which also explains why despite the fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers on sept 9th 2001 were Saudi nationals, the USA turned a blind eye and invaded Iraq. It’s obvious they have chosen economic gain and political correctness over facing the cold facts of reality; they are willingly plotting their own downfall, living in denial and refusal to confront the demon. If countries that exported Christianity to their colonies could turn around and arm Islam against the coverts then there is loss of religious belief which implies that the West has replaced reason and truth with ideology and prejudice. This is what I simply refer to as “the lie of the serpent” with the result of mass derangement, as truth becomes lie, right becomes wrong, marriage and family have been redefined, victim becomes the aggressor and been heterosexual is now abnormal. Now faced with a resurgent Islam flowing with cash since the crusades, the west no longer know what to defend - trillions of petrodollar investment or give up the lifestyle they have grown accustomed to. However, any of these choices comes with a price.


According to PEW research center in a report published on Nov 17, 2015 by Conrad Hackett titled “5 facts about the Muslim population”, Germany and France have the largest Muslim populations among the EU countries. As of 2010 the EU was home to about 13 million Muslims immigrants. There were 4.8 million Muslims in Germany (5.8% of the population), Belgium has about 5.9 million Muslims, UK has about 4.8 million Muslims and 4.7 million Muslims in France (7.5%) while Russia has 14million Muslims which is the largest in Europe. It’s a well-known fact that Western countries have a declining birth rate and increasing aging population and the If present trends continue, in some countries half of the population will be Muslim by mid-century with the implication that at some point sharia will be introduced and the legal structures, such as British common law and the Code Napoleon, will give way to the sharia. The Muslim population of the UK will almost double within 20 years up to 5.5million which implies that by 2030 Britain will have more Muslims than the nation of Kuwait. Please can someone explain why the land of the angles- headquarters of the Anglican Church worldwide is now converting to Islam? Something isn’t right here!!


Some immigrants have not assimilated well and as such constitute a mass of political and cultural anger that can only intensify in coming years as was witnessed in France and Belgium and more is yet to come. In February 2016, a video showing Nigerian security forces attacking pro-Biafran peaceful protesters praying before a planned peaceful demonstration in Abia state was circulated on social media in which at least 10 demonstrators were shot dead. The only international media that covered the story was Aljazeera TV and when they confronted the Nigerian president he vehemently refused to watch the clips. The whole world mourned with France and Belgium but not a single word was mentioned about the death of Christian Biafrans and their ongoing Islamization process. Fellow Biafrans, we are dealing with an existential threat and our nightmare will soon become real. Our trouble is double – Black and African. The world will turn a blind eye, Canterbury and Vatican inclusive but our faith and hope lies in Jehovah.


Europe’s remarks after the Paris and Belgium massacre showed little response and understanding of their new reality and what is to come. The news coverage and the arguments over the terrorist attacks and infusion of Muslims in the SE part of Nigeria characterize those who want to curtail Europe’s Muslim immigration as “xenophobic” and “radical” after all the world is a global village. The underlying problem is the Muslim with a difference in behavior seen amongst Muslims of different nationals which explains why the northern Muslims in Nigeria view the few southern Muslims as inferior and very doubtful of his faith and loyalty to Islam. However,

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