MasterwebNews 2/4/16: DESTINY by Evangelist Chi Benedicta Okonkwo

[ Masterweb Reports: Evangelist Chi Benedicta Okonkwo reports ] - I want you to know that in the journey of life, you will meet two kinds of people: destiny killer and destiny helper.


First of all let me explain what destiny means.


Destiny is destination of God in your life. Destiny is divine agenda of God for your life.


Who is a destiny killer?


A destiny killer is someone who discourages your efforts. A destiny killer kills your drive for success. A destiny killer sees the negative side of you. A destiny killer is someone that tries to kill the faith God has put in you.


My assignment here is not about a destiny killer, but a destiny helper.


Who is a destiny helper?


A destiny helper is someone equipped and empowered by God to help you reach your destiny. Someone sent to help you fulfil your goals, someone God has assigned to help you fulfil your dreams, someone sent to add significance to your life, someone assigned to add value to your life, someone assigned to add usefulness to your life, someone to improve your life, someone assigned to add benefit in your life.


Every great man or woman will tell you people that are instrumental to their greatness. There is a scripture that is coming to my mind. The Bible says that l can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. There are people God has assigned in your life to be your destiny helpers.


Jesus Christ though, He is the Son of God, but there were things He could not do for himself. He needed an earthly father and an earthly mother to give birth to Him. He needed helpers of destiny.


When He began his Ministry, He chose 12 men to help Him promote and fulfil His destiny. John the Baptist introduced Him, baptized Him, made the way for Him. John the Baptist was the forerunner of Jesus, John the Baptist was destiny helper to Jesus.


In the journey of life, you need helpers of destiny.


If you read the Bible all through, you will see people who are destiny helpers to others. You cannot do it on your own.


Whether you are a Business man in the Corporate world, whether you are in the Ministry, whether you are a politician, you need a destiny helper.


Esther ,in order for her to become a queen, she needed Modecai.


Naaman a great general that was sick of leprosy needed a destiny helper. God used his housemaid to connect him to the Prophet, Prophet Elisha, through whom he received his healing.


Moses needed a destiny helper. God raised Aaron for him through whom he delivered the people of Israel out of bondage.


I release your destiny helpers wherever they are, l release them in the name of Jesus wherever your helpers of destiny are.


As the servant of the Most High God, let your helpers of destiny locate you. Someone say, Lord, release my helpers in the name of Jesus.


You need helpers of destiny that will give you divine connection, helpers of destiny that will take you to the next level. Lord, release my helpers, in the name of Jesus. One more time, Lord, release my helpers, in the name of Jesus.


Evangelist Chi Benedicta Okonkwo ( Author/Writer)

Vice-President and Financial Secretary, Nigerian Nationals’ Association, Madrid, Spain. 






Evangelist Chi can be reached at +34632325146



*Photo Caption - Evangelist Chi Benedicta Okonkwo


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