MasterweNews 7/4/16 - As Rumored "The Death of Ambassador Yusuf Maitama Sule, Danmasanin Kano", Standard steps to Confirm Death Regardless of Belief....

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - Announcements of death, either ceremonial and unceremoniously are gaining ground in Nigeria as people are using such instances to gain fame, dehumanizing enemies. Social media is widely used in propelling such incidentals because of its easy, free, unchecked, mostly unverifiable as the scenarios arise, meanwhile, when posted goes viral in nano seconds comparable to the speed of light.
Most respected African culture, tradition and dignity to humanity are gradually fading out with more of these circumstances gaining grounds, yet ignored and left unchecked by relevant authorities. By now, it's thoughtful to address this thoroughly like from yesterday.
It is decided to bring to our immediate attention how such “End of Life" is processed in organized societies and believed to be putative by our able men, women and children. Otherwise, we remain a laughing stock in the eyes of the world, as such learning nothing, making nonsense of our generation and race.
Danmasanin Kano should not have been drawn into false drama, while enjoying his lovely life; performing humanitarian services across the length and breadth of Nigerian, repeatedly echoing, Martin Luther King statement “I have a dream that someday Nigeria is going to be a better place”
As a people and nation with majority of blacks, renowned and educated in the universe, our rethink of death proclamations must include, Dr. David Levine’s guidance of Death Confirmation as is the situation with “Ambassador Yusuf Maitama Sule” are enumerated hereunder:
Before Death Confirmation: Indicate you would check the resuscitation status of the patient before doing anything else:
         If the patient is not for resuscitation, continue to confirm the death.
         If there is uncertainty as to the resuscitation status, CPR should be commenced whilst this is clarified.
         Ask the ward staff about the circumstances surrounding the death and document this.
         Ask for the patient’s notes:
         Confirm the resuscitation status of the patient
         Read the patient’s notes for some background on the patient
If family or friends are present:
         Introduce yourself
         Offer your condolences
         Explain the need to confirm the death
         Offer the family the opportunity to wait outside – respect their preference
Death confirmation
1)      Wash hands
2)      Confirm the identity of the patient – check the wrist band
3)      General inspection – skin colour / any obvious signs of life
4)      Look for signs of respiratory effort
5)      Does the patient respond to verbal stimuli? – “Hello Mr. Wazobia, can you hear me?”
6)      Does the patient respond to pain? – press on fingernail / trapezius squeeze
7)      Assess pupils using pen torch – After death they become fixed and dilated
8)      Feel for a central pulse – carotid artery
9)      Auscultation:
         Listen for heart sounds for at least 1 minute
         Listen for respiratory sounds for at least 3 minutes
1)      Assess for a pacemaker – not essential, but good practice, as this will need to be checked prior to cremation.
2)      Wash hands & exit the room – ensuring the door is closed and curtains are drawn.
         Once you have completed the above, document your assessment clearly.
         Ensure you adhere to hospital documentation guidelines – date / time / your name & grade
         Document each of the examination steps you performed & the result of each step.
         Finally, documents that you are confirming the death and the time at which you did so.
         Sign and print your full name, grade, registration number and contact number.
To complete death confirmation
Inform nursing staff that you have confirmed the death:
         They will then inform next of kin, if not already present.
         They will also contact the porters to arrange transfer of the body to the morgue.
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