MasterwebNews 12/4/16 - Odimegwu Onwumere wins health reporting award

[ Masterweb Reports ] - A consummate Poet, Writer and Media Consultant, Odimegwu Onwumere has won the maiden edition of Nordica Media Merit Awards in the Digital Category at the gala night for the awards held at the Banquet Hall, The Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos State, on April 9 2016. In this report made available to the public, Odimegwu Onwumere reports:

It was a long walk to success. I was declared Winner, Digital Category, in the Nordica Media Merit Awards on April 9 2016, at the gala night for the awards held at the Banquet Hall, The Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos State.
The journey started in 2015, when I came across a call for journalism contest organised by The Endometriosis Association, Media Excellence Award, with the address, 8585 N. 76th Place, Milwaukee, WI  53223, USA.
The contest was meant for journalists around the world. I did not know what ‘Endometriosis’ was or meant. I ventured into research and was shocked by the sordid stories of people that I gathered.  Data collection on the subject was an eye opener.
I entered for the contest, which was benchmarked for December 31 2015. And since then, I have not heard from the organisers of the contest – whether they received my entry or not – since I entered the contest via post mail.
Nordica Media Merit Awards
I was surfing the internet on January 14 2016, when I came across the Nordica Media Merit Awards, which deadline for submission, was January 15. I noticed that the call for submission had been in place since 2015, but why I did not notice it till that day, I would not know.
I contacted the number I saw with the content of the contest information to find out the deadline, because it was not stated on the portal I read about the contest. The receiver of my call told me that the deadline was January 15. The awards were open for journalists to submit at least three articles on fertility that were published the previous year.
I filed in three of my articles with the hope that a particular article on fertility would make the shortlist. Smallest-amount did I envisage that it was going to be the story on ‘Endometriosis’ I had entered for the USA awards that would bring this smile on my lips.
Entering for the awards
When I made my entry, I sent a text to the number to confirm the receipt of my entry. To my shock, I was told that the entry was not in the organisers’ entries bank. The reason, I would not know.
The following day being January 15, the deadline line for submission, I left my house early to a place in Port Harcourt to resend the entry.
There was no electricity in the area where I live that day and even the night before. Even if there was, Telecommunications network in the area that I reside are so poor, which suggests that the area needs effective Internet boost to help residents work with their modems – for those who use such devise for internet connectivity.
My entreaty to find out if my entry was received was from an experience I got from a particular journalism contest, which I entered and, on inquiring from the organisers if my entry was received, I got ‘no’ in response.
I entered for the said award via a
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