BreakingNews 16/5/16 - New anthem, Trump Up America released by Charles Okereke

[ Masterweb Reports ] - A new song "Trump Up America" dubbed America Solidarity Anthem has just been released by Charles O. Okereke, a resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The lyrics of the first few lines of the first verse are as follows: "I am American, center of democracy; Land of freedom, equity; Trump up America; trump all. Trumpet loud in... etc."  The song has both audio and video versions.


Trump Up America (America Solidarity Anthem) is a patriotic song composed through inspiration and realities prevalent in the American society. It is a must-listen-to song that combines symphonic orchestra, jazz and a little bit of everything into a beautiful soothing and inspiring patriotic song. Guess who composed it? Share the song widely to friends and contacts after listening to it and do not forget to leave your comment. .........Click To Listen To Song. 


*Photo Caption - Trump Up America front CD cover

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