BreakingNews 26/5/16 - How G8 Countries & China Proliferate Nigeria With Small Arms & Light Weapons - Part 1

[ Masterweb Reports: Intersociety reports ] - (Onitsha Nigeria, 24th of May 2016)-Following intensification of regime malfunctioning of the APC and Buhari led Presidency in Nigeria and ahead of this week’s G-7 Meeting in the Japanese City of Ise-Shima, we have considered it upper most important to expose the double standards of the named developed countries with respect to Nigeria and its affairs particularly under the present Buhari administration. We are deeply dismayed concerning the double-edged policies of the members of the Group of Seven Industrialized or Developed Countries (G-7) and their allies including the EU on one hand and Russia and China, on the other; towards the Federal Republic of Nigeria and its socio-political affairs.


The 42nd G-7 summit in Japan is featuring its seven core members of USA, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany and Japan, to be joined by the European Union. The world’s small arms and light weapons’ production markets are dominated by USA and Russia, followed by Germany, UK, Italy, China and other members of old west and east European blocs. Other non-western countries playing leading roles in global SALWs production markets are Brazil, Japan, North Korea, India, etc. Russia and USA alone are credited with hundreds of assault and automatic rifles of different models; likewise mortars, rockets, anti tank and personnel mines and grenades; all referred to as “Small Arms & Light Weapons (SALWs).


To the extent that Nigeria and Nigerians are armed at night and aided in the day through piecemeal humanitarian aids by the above named countries, is a height of diplomatic kill-and-bury and a clear return of the west’s atrocious double-standards foreign policies towards Africa and Asia in the 60s, 70s and 80s. These blundered foreign policies were also applied in the Africa’s Great Lakes Region in the 90s by the west; Russia and China to an extent, under proxy arming and proxy wars; snowballing into the Rwandan Genocide of 1994; killing almost one million people in three months.


The war mongering policies of the Buhari administration and its confrontational approaches to issues of democratic governance and its challenges have cumulatively heightened communal, tribal and ethno-religious tensions in Nigeria and facilitated fertile grounds for the countries named above; by themselves or through their proxies, to sell their small arms and light weapons (SALWs) at alarming speed and use the country as the latest rogue weapons’ basket of the West African sub-region.



It alarms and saddens us that Nigeria and Nigerians are arming and being armed at alarming level following intensification and entrenchment of anti people and anti democratic policies and conducts by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. From various recent scholarly and advocacy studies, Nigeria may mostly have become the world’s second most illicitly armed country after Afghanistan. The battered Republic of Afghanistan with January 2016 estimated population of 33million people is the world’s most illicitly armed country with 10million small arms and light weapons to its homicidal credit, on average of one illicit small arm and light weapon for every four Afghans.


It is credibly estimated that there are 4million-4.5million mostly illicit small arms and light weapons (SALWs) presently in circulation in Nigeria or over 400% spiral increase from estimated one million illicit SALWs in the country in 2000/2001. This simply means that out of every 45 Nigerians (using the country’s estimated 174million citizens); there is small arm and light weapon or SALW. While at least two million SALWs are believed to be in the hands of non-combatant civilians in Nigeria, one million may be in the hands of proliferated communal and States’ armed vigilante groups across the country. The remaining 1million-1.5million others may be in possession of violent non-State actor entities like the Fulani Janjaweed, northern politicians-oiled Boko Haram, Niger Delta Militants, violent politicians and die-hard street and syndicate criminal groups. These SALWs are illicitly sold to Nigerians, who bear and operate them without legitimate authorization by federal laws and authorities. Where laws of some States recognize them as in the case of “militant vigilantism”, such laws are inferior to federal laws and cannot stand the test of time.


The level of militancy in Nigeria presently is alarming and deafening and it is shocking that under the just 12 months of the Buhari administration, militancy and homicidal rates have risen to an apogee. We terribly fear that if nothing proactive and concrete is done to tame this genocidal trend, Nigeria may most likely snowball into “complex humanitarian emergencies”.


For clear understanding, complex humanitarian emergencies are earth-shaking social crisis that envelopes a political territory in which a large number of people are killed or die and suffer from war, disease, hunger and displacement owing to man-made disasters or afflictions. In complex humanitarian emergencies afflicting a large country like Nigeria with estimated 174million citizens, humanitarian crises so generated, will be far beyond the capacities of the UN and other humanitarian agencies. Complex humanitarian emergencies start from early warning to uncontrollable crisis stages and are fueled by proxy arming and proxy wars as well as “profiteers of violence” such as SALWs manufacturers and marketers from the G8 Countries and China and their local collaborators.


It is also estimated that over 25million bullets and cartridges of various models and types, using in powering the estimated 4million-4.5million SALWs in the country; are in circulation, on average of 5 cartridges per SALW. Other than credible independent and scholarly statistics on these SALWs and their propellers; official accounts from Nigeria’s securitization statistical records of the Nigeria Police Force or the National Bureau of Statistics are fundamentally unreliable, if not non-existent.


The recent account by the Presidential Committee on Small Arms to the effect that “60% of Small Arms & Light Weapons in Nigeria are locally manufactured” is fundamentally contentious, unscientific, unreliable and unverifiable. The stark reality is that 98% of small arms and light weapons in roguish and credible circulation in Nigeria are imported; and under licit and illicit circumstances. There are alarming licit and illicit arming going on in the country under the malfunctioning watch of the Buhari administration. That is to say that there is arming at dangerous speeds by State-actor and non-State actor entities in the country. In the area of State actor arming, the Federal Government through its Defense, Interior and NSA establishments; is arming the State at a dangerous speed.


The porosity of the State management of its armories and discriminatory enforcement of gun-control policies in Nigeria is also alarming; most especially whereby belligerent members of some ethnic nationalities like “Hausa-Fulani” found bearing automatic assault weapons without license are treated as untouchables while citizens of other ethnic nationalities like Igbo Ethnic Nationality who hardly bear single barreled guns under non-street crime circumstances, not to talk of assault rifles; are indiscriminately targeted and mass-murdered by the security agencies.


Another time-bomb speedily heading for explosion is the alarming rate of sub-State actor arming in Nigeria. The referenced sub-State actor or sub-national entity actor arming is undertaken by various States for the purpose of their “militant vigilantism” activities and other illicit political purposes. At the level

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