BreakingNews 26/5/16 - Get Your Copy of "Trump Up America" for Less Than $1 Now

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - Trump Up America (America Solidarity Anthem) is a patriotic song composed by Charles O. Okereke, a resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The beautiful song came into existence through inspiration and realities prevalent in the American society. It is a must-listen-to song that combines symphonic orchestra, jazz and a little bit of everything into a beautiful soothing and inspiring patriotic song. 


You can get a copy of this song for less than $1 - see link below. Get a copy using the link at the end of the article and remember to share the song widely with friends and contacts. According to Okereke: "I delivered the song to America how it was given to me through the night. I did not make any adjustments to suit people's expectations, but released it how it was given to me by Him above. Contact me at +1 (414) 807-0329 or if you have any question."


Okereke recently shared the song with an American women in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and here are comments the woman posted after the encounter: "Great guy! He had one of the most interesting stories and was a genuinely nice person. Highly recommended! Plus he played great music!"


The lyrics of the first few lines of the first verse are as follows: "I am American, center of democracy; Land of freedom, equity; Trump up America; trump all. Trumpet loud in... etc."  The song has both audio and video versions and are available at iTunes, Amazon and other online music stores. ......... Click To Get Copy of Song. 


*Photo Caption - Front cover of CD.


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