MasterwebNews 3/5/16 - Promoting Reading Culture In Nigeria inspired by Samsung

[ Masterweb Reports: Funmi Ilori reports ] - Nigeria has made tremendous progress in the last five years with increased access to the computer, mobile, technology tools and support from Multinational companies. Many young men and women have become technology entrepreneurs creating employment opportunities using Information Communications Technology (ICT) tools. These tools should be afforded the younger generation for fighting Information Communications Technology (ICT) illiteracy.

Adegoke Talabi who just ended his NYSC programme said he was inspired to donate books to the iRead Mobile Library as he participated in the Samsung Dream Contest 2015. He said this was an opportunity to help add value to the society. His dream was to invest time and effort with his technology skills and background as a Computer Scientist, donating Computer books and teaching basic ICT skills in public primary and secondary schools.

The IREAD Mobile library project was started by Mrs. Ilori Oluwafunmilayo who had a vision to take libraries to the people. She saw that many girls in her community didn’t have access to libraries, and the libraries that existed were underused.
Ilori aims to revive the reading culture in Nigeria. The first of its kind in Nigeria, iRead Mobile Library delivers books and educational services to subscribers’ doorsteps. The initiative launched in Lagos state, but Ilori hopes to expand throughout the country.

Donating Computer Studies for Primary Schools books 1 - 6 today to the iRead mobile library is first to support the project and aid the reading culture of children who may come across the iRead mobile Library. This will also help introduce each child to basic ICT knowledge. Access to ICT knowledge at a young age helps facilitate interest in the opportunities ICT brings. These Computer books are approved by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) and published by Dataklinik Associates Nigeria Limited,

Evident is the failure rate recorded in our national examinations such as Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (U.T.M.E) at over 70%. We must realize that meaningful change can only come through improving education and supporting projects like this in Nigeria. Children and youth are the future of our country, and we can’t afford to leave any child behind.

Initiatives like these provide a method for increased access to knowledge. Mr Adegoke urged everybody to rally behind this initiative to lay a firm foundation for the education system and allow current progress to accelerate. He hopes that the older generation, organizations and many young men and women alike will mentor children and get them back into the libraries, by supporting initiatives like these now and in the future.


Adegoke Talabi
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*Photo Caption - Left to Right: Adeola Olufunke, Talabi Adegoke, Funmi Ilori (iRead Mobile Libary Pioneer), Olugbenga Akinsanya Awomodu (Digital Marketing, Mobile Contents & Services Samsung West Africa), Funmi Johnson and Children of the Mobile Library in Lagos.

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