BreakingNews 10/5/16: Biafrans - Beware the Wreckers

[ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - Washington DC: The Biafran Revolution may be in peril. Not from the Nigerian federal government but from within the movement. Wrecking is a crime that involves the deliberate provision of misinformation and false commands to harm and hinder the Biafran independence movement.
OEAS has always supported the many groups and individuals that work towards the national self-determination of Biafra. When Ben Onwuka was arrested for trying to storm the government house in Enugu, OEAS alone called for his release. When the blood of the heroes and martyrs began to flow upon the arrest Nmandi Kanu, OEAS was the first international organization to support Biafra. The OEAS called for the release of all Biafran prisoners, for the Nigerian armed forces to stand down, and for a referendum. The OEAS secured the endorsement of former US Congressman Robert K.  Dornan for the proposed referendum.  The OEAS took the case of Biafra to the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and obtained her acknowledgement of the Biafran struggle. The OEAS promoted the formation of Biafran self-defense units now being realized. And finally, the OEAS at the urging of numerous Biafrans, has sent out an invitation for a mass meeting of Biafran independence activists in Ghana on May 30, 2016.
Over 90 leaders from Biafra have accepted the invitation and are ready to converge on Accra at their own expense. Their names are known only to OEAS Secretary General, Dr. Ebenezer Akwanga, who as an independent broker, affiliated with no group or faction, stands ready to chair this historic meeting to address forming a united front to free prisoners, provide for self-defense, and coordinate civil disobedience.
Unfortunately, the wreckers have been hard at work. The OEAS already knows that Nigerian State Security Services provocateurs and spies are among us and has taken measures to counteract them. But the wreckers are another matter! These wreckers claim to be Biafran patriots but for reasons of ego, incompetence, and disloyalty to Biafra have set themselves with vigor to wrecking the All Biafra unity meeting.
The wreckers have spread slander that OEAS works for the Nigerian government. The wreckers have tried to hijack the meeting for this group and that group. The wreckers scorn the idea of Biafran unity while offering no alternatives. But this is not the greatest betrayal.
A group of expatriate Biafrans had volunteered to obtain a secure meeting place in Ghana, a church or conference hall. They were charged with bringing Dr. Akwanga to Ghana and arranging for his security as he has survived three documented assassination attempts in recent years.   The budget was set at a modest $10,000; no more than was absolutely necessary.  But the funding has not materialized; are we to believe that Biafrans cannot collectively raise $10,000. Now the May 30 meeting is in doubt. Inexplicably, there is no meeting place and no budget. The only explanation is a deliberate wrecking campaign. But the wreckers must not be allowed to scuttle the Biafra unity movement.
The OEAS appeals directly to the people of Biafra to tell your groups and leaders ? Not to wreck the Biafran Revolution through petty jealousies and selfish behavior. The All Biafra unity meeting must proceed; the martyrs blood must not have flowed in vain.
For a free and independent Biafra in 2016!
Dr. Jonathan Levy
Chief Administrative Officer OEAS 
Fax 1-202-318-2406
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