MasterwebNews 10/6/16 - Nigeria`s Bloody Monday: A Nation in Crisis and the Call for Authentic and True Leadership - Part 2

[ Masterweb Reports: Dr. C. K. Ekeke reports ] - As we continue to read and learn about the horrendous and barbaric massacres of Biafran youths at Nkpor near Onitsha and Asaba on May 30, 2016 by the very people who suppose to protect,  maintain law and order in our society, one cannot but continue to wonder and question what sort of country Nigeria has become. 
It is incredulous and beyond words to express the feeling of reading and seeing gory images of young men massacred in cold by a combination of the Army, DSS, Navy, Police and Boko haram jihadists during Biafra Heroes’ Day. It is unthinkable, unimaginable and unfathomable that this is happening in a 21st century country that prides itself as the giant of Africa. 
What was their crime, my young son asked me recently? Their crime, I answered, was because they were celebrating Biafra’s Heroes Day – a day to remember their fallen parents – dads, uncles, brothers, cousins, family members, friends, etc., who died fighting to free them and their land from genocide and extermination. In celebrating their fallen heroes, they fell victims and paid the ultimate price – even in a more brutal and barbaric way than their parents died 50 years ago.   They did not know they will be massacred. They were not in war front. They had no weapons or guns to defend themselves. What a brutal, barbaric way to die. 
May God of heaven vindicate for their lives and give succor to their loved ones, who are grieving and mourning. I pray God Almighty to encourage their hearts and for them to know that their beloved ones have departed this evil and wicked world to be with the Lord in heaven.  They have entered into everlasting peace and glory where there are no more pain, sickness, marginalization, injustice, oppression, repression, and suffering. May God dry your tears and fill you with comfort during this time of grieve, sorrow, sadness, mourning. May the Lord grant our young heroes eternal peace and give the bereaving family the fortitude to bear this incalculable losses. May their gentle soul rest in eternal peace! Amen.
By the way, according to international laws, it’s a criminal act to shoot and kill unarmed and peaceful protesters in a democratic system of government. The Biafran youths are being massacred all over Southeast and South-south regions by the Nigerian military forces for protesting for freedom and against against marginalization, oppression, and injustice. I hope the international community will investigate these killings and genocide being meted upon peaceful and unarmed youths in Eastern Nigeria.
I’ll be writing on the subject of freedom at a later time, but, it is important for us to know that human freedom is the supreme value of the human existence. For years, philosophers, scholars and thinkers have argued and debated that human freedom is the supreme value of the human soul. It is the yearning of every human heart – whether poor or rich. All human beings possess the same desire – to be free, to pursue unalienable rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, because the human spirit is endowed by its Creator, God, with the desire to be free to pursue life, joy, peace and prosperity. In nutshell, freedom is the ultimate pursuit of the human spirit.
However, freedom is not easy to achieve and it is hard to maintain. Throughout human history, people and nations have paid the ultimate price fighting for freedom. Millions have died in civil disobedience and warfare in pursuit of freedom. Warfare, religious violence, ethnic cleaning, civil disobedience and other means have been used to fight for freedom and against land occupation. However, true freedom cannot be achieved through political ideologies or democratic tyranny. Even now in the 21st century, with the explosion of information and communication technology, the struggle for freedom remains one of the horniest issues of our time.
This struggle for freedom reminds of Nigeria’s long battle for her independence from Britain in the late 50’s. Nigeria’s independence was granted due to sustained national grievances of eminent leaders like the late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Belewa and others against the British system of indirect rule. In 1960, Nigeria became an independent nation. However, religious intolerance, jihadist fundamentalism, ethnic bias and hatred, political instability, bad leadership, religious violence and injustice quickly marred the nation's prospect for development and progress. 
Until today, Nigeria has not really enjoyed any genuine freedom or political peace and national prosperity since its independence from the British colonial masters. In fact, the nation is currently in a serious crisis and challenge of leadership. With Fulani herdsmen insurgents and Boko Haram Islamic fundamentalists, Jihadists killings of innocent citizens with impunity across the country region – coupled with Niger Delta Avengers destruction of oil pipelines and sustained Ingenious People of Biafra agitation for independence from Nigeria – among other challenges and problems – such as severe economic crisis, food scarcity and weak Naira, Nigeria is in deep quagmire and the masses are terribly suffering.
It’s sad indeed that a country with so much promise of greatness and potential is hastily becoming a failed state due to poor leadership, government corruption, systemic injustice, religious intolerance, ethnic jingoism and hatred. While other nations around the globe are tapping into the 21st century high technology world to educate their young generation, motivating them to achieve great things, creating young entrepreneurs, building massive wealth, and prospering as a nation, Nigeria has wallowed in endemic corruption, vision0less political leadership, ethnic and religious violence and genocidal war – and in essence destroyed every hope of nation building and promise of peace, unity, and prosperity.
A cursory look of the nation’s history and sordid past will illuminate why Nigeria continues to flounder and blunder even up till today and the urgency for wise, courageous and compassionate men and women to rise up to save her.
It is an established fact that Nigeria is a creation of the British Empire during the 19th century. When the Europeans, especially the British, French and Portuguese invaded the continent of Africa in search of slaves and mineral resources during the later the 19th century, the kingdoms of Oyo, Bornu, Hausa, Benin, Bonny, Jukun, Idah, Aro, Igbos, Ibibio-Efiks, Ijaws and the Ogojas in the Western Coastline of Africa lived in peace and traded among themselves.

These peoples and kingdoms had existed hundreds of years even before the coming of the Europeans. The peoples of these kingdoms and empires had deep political, social, religious, tribal and linguistic differences. By the later part of 1890’s when the British invaded and conquered these kingdoms, and created a monstrous country, later named Nigeria for their political and economic interest and power rivalry with the French.
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