MasterwebNews 13/6/16 - Nigeria: UNN students protest against power failure, water scarcity

[ Masterweb Reports: Tony Adibe reports ] - Students of University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus (UNEC)   in their numbers on  Monday protested  against  acute water scarcity and over three months old power failure on the campus. The protesting students said the situation had become so unbearable that they needed to voice out their plight to the world, accusing the university management of insensitivity and lack of care.


According to them, all the previous letters they wrote to the school authority concerning the two key problems of water and electricity bore no fruit, hence they decided to cry out.


Brandishing their placard which read "We are tired of blackout," "We need Light", "No Light,No Lecture," "We want Water," "Light is our right," the students insisted that they would never enter the classrooms until electricity was restored on campus.


They recalled that they had not gone to lecture for one week due to the power outage.


The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Benjamin Ozumba, had in 2015 while addressing journalists before last year's convocation ceremony,boasted that his administration had found a solution to the water problem and  would make water and power problems things of the past on the campus,but it seems the reverse is now the case.


 The angry students said they had planned to march to media houses in Enugu to register their complaints, but the school security locked the two giant gates against them, thereby preventing them from going outside.


 Ironically, the students said they decided to occupy the gates, making sure that nobody, not even the VC, would go in or out of the campus.


 However, some stranded  staff and students managed to "pass through" the small opening between the lower part of the gates and the ground.


  The students said over  the years the school has been depending on the school generating sets which, they said, literally packed up for over three months now, adding that they don't have anything to do with public electricity.


"But the school generating sets have been in and out of order since more than three months," they said.


Meanwhile the leadership of the Students Union Government (SUG) and the school authority have started a crucial meeting on how to resolve the crisis.


A team of police men has been deployed to the gate to prevent a breakdown of law and order.


The Public Relations Officer of the university at UNEC, Mr. Godwin Onah, when contacted on phone confirmed the incident, but emphasised that both the students' leaders and the management of the school were holding meeting to resolve the matter.


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